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Face it, The Usos Are The Best Tag Team Ever

Are the Usos the best tag team ever?

Have I been down since “Day One-ish?

Is the Usos Penitentiary a real place?

All difficult questions to answer, but I’ll try.

YES! The answer to all 3 is yes.

I have been on this train for a long time; this was before the heel turn. I was riding with Jimmy and Jey since they were a face painting, t-shirt selling kids act.

Why are they the greatest of all time? Easy, they are the best in-ring storytellers today and the best tag team to ever do it in the squared circle. This may sound corny, but all of their matches are like a snowflake.

Each contest different than the last, and each finish is a surprise.

They earn the false finishes; unlike many other wrestlers today they don’t overuse their finishing maneuvers. The Usos style of wrestling is impactful because they don’t end every match the same way so you never know when it may be coming to an end. It’s a lost art that they have perfected.

Another reason they are the best, you ask? They are now the best tag team on the mic since Enzo and Cass. Usy Hot aside, they have been cutting the best tag team promos the last two years and have only been getting better.

The new style (that I’m using in this article) where you ask questions and then immediately answer them is exceptionally entertaining.

They have even been known to throw shots at current wrestlers real-life situations, like Xavier Woods for hooking up with Paige or most recently a dig at themselves for a drunk driving arrest.

If you don’t believe me check out this funny, yet heel promo:

But what’s the final reason? Glad you asked, it’s the fact they have the respect of the wrestling world. They have earned it. Despite never getting an important stage, like main eventing a Pay Per View, the Usos are typically the most exciting match of the night and at worst the 2nd most exciting.

Go back and listen to the commentary on AEW’s Double or Nothing during the Young Bucks match. They refer to the Young Bucks being if not the best tag team in the world definitely in a conversation with one other unit. On that night the team remained nameless, and that’s because they didn’t want to say the Usos on their first ever big event.

The Usos have my respect because they go out and earn it every night. Finally what’s even more admirable is they don’t have to anymore or ever have to do it. They are from a wrestling dynasty and have had their legacy as a top team cemented years ago. However, they go out every night and innovate, create, and dominate a company that should be built around them.