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Joestopper’s Cruiserweight Report 6/18: “To Be Determined…”

It’s not often that the Showcase Of The 100’s ends on a cliffhanger. Since the arrival of GM Drake Maverick in January of 2018 (and necessary departure of then-champion Enzo Amore), 205 Live has been focused on providing consistent booking and competent feuds. As great as last week’s main event was, the double pin between Akira Tozawa and Drew Gulak left confusion to viewers as to whom the true #1 contender was to current champion Tony Nese. Nese has desired a match against Tozawa, who had seemingly won that right weeks before. The inclusion of a darker Gulak to the mix leaves uncertainty heading into this go-home episode before Stomping Grounds.

A clearly-not-live Maverick (watch Smackdown for proof of this) deems that both Tozawa and Gulak won the match, meaning that Nese’s Stomping Grounds defense will be a Triple Threat match. With the likelihood that this will be on the pre-show, hopefully they will be given ample time to make this bout special. Maverick also books a rematch between Ariya Daivari and Oney Lorcan. I have no problem with this.

What I do have a problem with is Lucha House Party opening the action against The Bollywood Boyz. Individually, I can appreciate the abilities of Lince Dorado, Gran Mettalik, and… um… OK, I will never appreciate Kalisto! Nigel McGuinness is doing great heel work on the commentary at the expense of LHP, and Aiden English is at least giving it “the old college try” to defend the “dores of lucha”. The Singh Brothers are celebrating a “Boscar” (Bollywood Oscar), which proves that in 2019, everyone gets a trophy. After breaking up a pin after Dorado landed a 450, Sunil rolls him up with a yank on the undies for a 3-count. This is going to continue.

Noam Dar is inside of a Spain doctor’s office, which may or may not be a shot at Dean Ambrose for the gigantic inoculation skit from earlier this year. He assures us he will return… if Maverick improves security measures. As THE Brian Kendrick enters the room, clearly Dar is not big on geography. Either that, or Kendrick owns a supersonic jet, as he is out next to face off with jobber Russ Taylor, who was last seen getting annihilated on Raw by The Viking Raiders. Kendrick is a lot more aggressive tonight, and Sliced Bread #2 ends this quicker than Dar’s promo.

Vic Joseph recaps the debut of Chad Gable, and Gentleman Jack Gallagher is backstage lamenting his loss. Enter Mike and Maria Kanellis, who mock Gallagher’s inability to make the referee’s 10-count in the previous week. Mike then mocks Maverick putting the 24/7 Title ahead of his GM duties, and Maria brags about their new contracts, claiming that WWE needs them and that Gallagher is deadweight. Gallagher challenges Mike to a match next week, and that should make for a swell main event following Stomping Grounds.

Daivari is out first, and he’s still gloating about costing the Boston Butcher his shot at Nese at Stomping Grounds. The Persian Playboy cannot even get his discount Rock shirt off before Oney begins his barrage of uppercuts. A couple of escape attempts from Daivari are thwarted, and the match is underway. Daivari lands a painful-looking DDT from the second rope to Lorcan’s left elbow. A focused attack on Lorcan’s arm ensues, trying to negate his lethal Half & Half suplex. Daivari locks in a Million Dollar Dream around that left shoulder, but Oney is finally able to break free. Ariya hits his patented straightjacket driver, but whiffs on the Persian Lion frogsplash. Oney then hits a BiffBuster (patent pending) and a Half & Half, but Daivari rolls under the ropes to prevent a pin. He grabs a chair and obliterates Lorcan to pick up a DQ loss. The beatdown continues, and culminates with a Hammerlock lariat onto the entrance ramp.

Logic would have the episode fade to black here, but Nese is backstage. He reminds viewers that the odds were never in his favor, but he persevered and stands tall as the Cruiserweight Champion. The odds will not be in his favor on Sunday, but he is not ready to give up the purple belt. Tozawa is next in the series of packages, vowing that he will become a 2-time CW champ (joining Amore and Neville in that regard). Gulak wraps up the videos, claiming that he spent too long trying to make 205 Live “better” (I concur strongly with this). All he needed to do was search within to make Drew Gulak better, which includes disregarding the well-being of his opponents. You can call him cold and sadistic, but you will also call him champion. We shall see.

My 100% 100 kg Of The Week

I wanted to make Gable my first ever repeat 100% 100, but alas, he did not appear except in a recap package. That being the case, Ariya Daivari has broken the mold. The record will show an 0-1 record against Oney Lorcan and six stitches in his ear. But the emphatic assault on Southie Strong Style after his DQ loss showcased a viciousness rarely seen on this brand. Clearly, Daivari is not in immediate contention for the CW strap after losing to Nese last month. Yet, his feud with Lorcan is must-watch television. This is likely going to continue, and I would love to see the two eventually end this on an upcoming PPV, regardless of title opportunities. Kudos to you, Daivari, for becoming the JoeStopper’s first repeat 100%-er!