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NXT UK Review 6/19: Tons Of Action From The Download Festival

This week’s episode took place at the Download Festival and with that came a pretty lively crowd. The first match of the show was Kenny Williams vs. Kassius Ohno. The majority of the match was just a bunch of holds and not a lot of action really. In the end, Ohno would get Williams tangled up in the ropes and deliver his discuss elbow for the win.

Before Ohno could make it backstage, the Imperium came to the ring. Barthel says they are not here to entertain us and are here to restore the honor of their sport. Aichner added that their numbers have increased, their unit is complete, and NXT will obey. Wolfe commented that this unit treats professional wrestling with respect and that they will protect the legacy of this sport. WALTER would then call out Travis Banks and said he is a fool if he thinks he stands a chance against him. He warns him that their match is next week. Banks would then come out and tell WALTER to bring everything he’s got….and that’s all he said as the segment came to a close.

Following this was a promo for Noam Dar. He was questioned about his conduct lately within the brand. Dar said he was offended by the comment. He then sees Kenny Williams and says he would be a good supporting act for him and walks off.

The second match of the show was The Hunt vs. Gallus. The streak of the crowd going absolutely nuts for Gallus came to an end as the crowd favored the Hunt during the match. I don’t ever remember the Hunt getting such a pop during their matches. Gallus though, would win with their kick to the head/power slam combo. After the match, Joe Coffey came to the ring and helped continue the beat down on the Hunt. But this didn’t last long as Dave Mastiff came to the ring causing Gallus to exit quickly.

After this, Moustache Mountain is advised backstage that in two weeks they will face the Grizzled Young Veterans for the tag titles. I just don’t see the Moustache gang losing this one. Gibson has been carrying the weight of that tag team the entire time and could go for a push as a singles competitor.

The main event was the women’s Battle Royal to decide who gets a future championship match. For whatever reason, nobody teamed up to take out Jazzy Gabert early. So she eliminated a couple of people early on until Piper Niven and Xia Brookside teamed up to eliminate her. After that, everyone to decided to team up to take out Jinny. Gabert tried to help Jinny from being eliminated but this was short lived. At the end of the match, Xia Brookside would kick off Niven and Ripley from the apron. The crowd was going crazy thinking Brookside had won. But a forgotten Kay Lee Ray came back into the ring to toss out Brookside. I don’t think anyone realized Ray was never eliminated, me included.

And that wraps it up for this week’s episode. I’m not sure how many more tapings will be held at the Download Festival but I enjoyed the change of scenery. Next week Travis Banks takes on WALTER for the NXT UK Championship and we’ll probably start getting some story going for Kay Lee Ray and Toni Storm. Thanks for reading and long live wrestling!