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NXT Review 6/19: A Six-Man Tag That Delivered And A Debut

Wednesday’s are for wrestling! It’s time for the Black and Gold Brand of WWE, here is a review of what happened this week as we return to Full Sail Live!

The Undisputed Era came out to Full Sail live to show off all of their new merch. We’re talking pins, dog tags, bright yellow shirts. And Adam Cole also had a new piece of hardware: The NXT Championship. He started off the night showing what he felt should be the new opening for NXT; a highlight reel of the Undisputed Era to the NXT theme!

Adam Cole continued his promo by saying that unlike what everyone thought, they weren’t going to start at the bottom to be draped with gold, they were starting at the top with the NXT Championship. He made sure to tell the Velveteen Dream and Street Profits to shine up their titles, because they are next. As if this promo couldn’t get better, the Velveteen Dream came out to interrupt in a suit I wish was available to me for my wedding. Roddy tried to join the mix on the mic, however Matt Riddle decided to join the mix. He reminded Roddy that he defeated him, as well as he beat Cole as well.

Cole continued to spit fire, calling out Riddle for trashing Goldberg and clinging to the Attitude Era, when we are living in the Attitude Era. Tyler Breeze decided to join the party to announce that the main event of tonight’s NXT would be Tyler Breeze, Velveteen Dream, and Matt Riddle against any three members of the Undisputed Era. I am completely ok with that!
Next week we get Io Shirai vs Shayna Baszler in a steel cage. This could potentially keep out the Horsewomen and Candice, or they could just walk through the door. This might close the door on this feud though, which I kind of don’t want to end!

Raul Mendoza vs. Damien Priest

Damien Priest, who competed in Ring of Honor under the name Punishment Martinez, was one of those ROH stars that I could always tell would end up in WWE. His size and athleticism always matched more in WWE than the Indy scene. This match truly was more of a display of his offensive move set, as Mendoza was never able to get Priest off of his feet. Shoutout to Mendoza, however, for running halfway down the ropes before nailing a springboard!

William Regal announced a tournament to anyone at the Performance Center that hasn’t been on NXT TV yet. It will be known as the NXT Breakout Tournament, and the winner will get an NXT Title shot of their choosing! I’m pretty stoked about this one, as I was a huge King of the Ring fan growing up, and this one certainly has the feel of the original tournament.

There are 8 very familiar faces in this competition, here they are!

-Jordan Myles (FKA ACH)
-Cameron Grimes (FKA Trevor Lee)
-Isaiah “Swerve” Scott (FKA Shane Strickland)
Dexter Lumis (FKA Sam Shaw)
Bronson Reed (FKA Jonah Rock)
Angel Garza (FKA Garza Jr.)
Joaquin Wilde (FKA DJZ)

Taynara Conti vs. Xia Li

This match was hard for me. I am not a Xia Li fan, and Conti is so green. It is one of those matches that I have to remind myself that it is technically developmental. Lots of arm drags, lots of judo tosses, lots of kicks. Xia Li won with a kick to the head. Not my favorite, not the worst I have ever seen. It was just there.

Street Profits are live outside of Full Sail with their belts celebrating their championships. They announce that next week they are facing the Forgotten Sons. Clips are shown of their victory parade, as they drive by the crowd waiting to get into Full Sail.

Tyler Breeze, Matt Riddle and Velveteen Dream vs. The Undisputed Era

I tried to tow the company line where it lies with 6-Man Tags, however with these six I was intrigued form the beginning. Dream’s homage in this match went to Chris Jericho, as he hit the bulldog and went for a Lionsault. Unfortunately he nailed Bobby Fish in the face with a knee. Sadly that man cannot get a break injury-wise, luckily he got back up and appeared to be ok.

It didn’t take long after that for the match to break-down. Undisputed Era utilized their experience and teamwork to dominate the match. Despite their dominance, Riddle, Breeze and Dream all ton in their fair share of offense.

Breeze got the hot tag and ran-train on the Undisputed Era. He had Bobby Fish beat but Roddy rescued him, upsetting Breeze. Breeze went to go for a suicide dive, however the Dream tagged him, which caused friction among their team. This resulted in Roddy hitting Dream with his backbreaker for the 3-Count and the victory.

Overall, this match carried forward multiple feuds and opened quite a few doors for the next string of shows leading up to NXT Takeover: Toronto. Dream and Breeze still seem to be feuding, but Roddy is certainly eying that North American Championship. Matt Riddle looks to be next up for the NXT Championship, which I have absolutely no problem with! Tonight is only the beginning, as we have a long road to Takeover!


Adam Cole (Bay Bay!) His opening promo was straight fire. On top of that, his performance in the main event did not overshadow his partners. In most WWE booking, the main star usually gets the victory, however he stepped aside and Roddy got the moment. Part of me wonders why Adam Cole isn’t on the main roster, however the other side of me is selfish that we are keeping him on NXT, and he can continue to be the top of the brand!
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