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NXT Review 7/3: Breakout Tournament Continues To Show Bright Future

Wednesday’s are for Wrestling! And now it is time for the top brand in WWE, the black and yellow brand of NXT!

Aliyah vs. Mia Yim

Mia Yim certainly has had a lot of momentum, and is certainly on her way to becoming the #1 Contender for Shayna Baszler’s championship. I am by no means on the Aliyah train, but she is a damn good heel. Yim hasn’t had the greatest success rate when it comes to carrying lesser opponents, however tonight might have been the exception, as this was not a bad match by any means. Mia was able to come out victorious, as she continues to roll through the Women’s Division. She wasn’t finished when the match was over, as she threw Borne into the ring steps on her way to the ramp (looking over her shoulder as she went to the ramp.) She made her way over to the commentators desk and declared to Shayna that she is coming for her.

William Regal was backstage discussing the actions between Io and Candice. He was interrupted by the Forgotten Sons who were demanding a title shot. Regal, the outstanding leader that he is, reminded them that they got themselves disqualified, and that they find themselves “at the end of the queue.” Regal informed us that the Street Profits have accepted Burch and Lorcan’s challenge, and they will defend the title against them next week! That should be a good match, but lets be real; the Forgotten Sons are going to interfere and ruin it for us all.

Bay Bay Championship Celebration Tour

We pick up where we left off last week, where Adam Cole was going into a restaurant called Gargano’s. When he walked in, the gentleman wearing a NXT shirt, who I am assuming was Johnny’s dad. Adam Cole added an autographed photo of himself to a wall of autographed photos that had Johnny Gargano in the middle.

Next up is a wrestling school that Johnny Gargano visited in his victory tour. Cole told them all that Johnny Gargano was full of crap when he told these students that one day they can be NXT champ. He continues to put down Gargano and tells the students to get out of that wrestling school and find a new hero.

KUSHIDA vs. Jeff Parker

Poor Jeff Parker, not even getting an entrance. I’m really hoping they don’t separate 3.0, but I digress. Not one of KUSHIDA’s best, as he really treated Parker like a jobber, as it was a pretty quick match with a submission finish. I was waiting for someone to come out and attack him during the celebration, but it never happened.

NXT BreakOut Tournament – Isaiah “Swerve” Scott vs. Cameron Grimes

I was excited to see this one. A month ago I saw an NXT taping where this exact match was the dark match, they just went by their Indy names in that one. Just as with last week’s tournament matchup, these two showed exactly what they were all about. I am a firm believer that Grimes will be an outstanding heel addition to the 205Live roster. Swerve, on the other hand, has the charisma that he could fit in anywhere. Having been a World Champion in CZW, MLW, and Evolve, he certainly has the ability to be a big star. There are a lot of great competitors in this tournament, so there was bound to be a round with two studs that I didn’t want to be eliminated early, this was probably the one I felt most strongly. Grimes was able to win with the double stomp, but in NO means did Swerve look bad at all. Another OUTSTANDING match in the NXT Breakout Tournament.

Bianca Belair vs. Zuniga

This was Belair’s opportunity to show off, as she was fed a jobber tonight! Belair showed why she is always so dominant in the Performance Center Combine every year. Outstanding feats of strength, as she looked strong as she always does. That being said, I think she needs to work with more great workers every now and then. It’s good to show off her strength, but we need to see more if we want her to look competitive in the Women’s division!

Roderick Strong vs. Tyler Breeze

It has been nice to see Tyler Breeze back in NXT, but this one was a rough one for him. The Messiah of the BackBreaker absolutely destroyed Breeze’s back for much of the beginning of the match. Tyler took a nasty bump on the corner of the ring steps, as well as a back drop to the barricade. From then, the rest of the match was elementary, as Strong picked on the back.

The pace of the match was much slower than I expected, as both of these superstars are often much more fast paced. Breeze was able to turn it around, and move the match to his pace. Breeze seems to have adapted his style in his latest trip to NXT. I am not opposed to it at all, in fact it really is a great display of his talent!

Strong was able to gain the victory, with a little help from the rest of the Undisputed Era. Roddy is clearly making his case for a title shot against the Velveteen Dream. Everything is heading in that direction, as the Undisputed Era continue their goal in 2019 to be draped in gold!

That is all for this week. Be sure to follow me on Twitter at @TJoftheJK, and I’ll see you next week!