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NXT Review 7/10: New Looks and More Breakout Talent

Wednesdays are for Wrestling! It is time for the the Black and Gold Brand of WWE, here is your review of what went down this week.

Io Shirai started the night off with a new look and a new entrance. I have to say, I am loving her new entrance! She came out and grabbed a mic, and informed the crowd that she doesn’t need friends, or any of the fans. Very quick segment, we’ll have to see where it goes, however at this time I really like heel Io.

Velveteen Dream is doing a press conference regarding the North American Championship. He avoided a few questions, and completely dodged a question regarding accepting Roderick Strong’s championship. He did say Strong doesn’t deserve a one-on-one match, which leads me to believe that Dream will be defending the title at the next Takeover in a multi-man match!

Damien Priest vs. Blanco Loco

This match was much longer than I expected, however it went exactly as expected. Priest didn’t allow any offense and completely dominated the Jobber. Not much to see here.

Jordan Myles vs. Boa

This week’s BreakOut Tournament was between the former ACH, Jordan Myles, and newcomer Boa. This one interested me, as Boa was one of the few ‘homegrown’ talents in this tournament. The rest of the competitors are all talents coming in. Boa, who was a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu champion in China, utilized a lot of submission and hard kicks throughout the match. By no means was this the best match in the tournament, but it wasn’t bad by any means. Boa still has a lot of work to do, he was very slow, especially in comparison to Myles’ fast pace action. Myles’ sped the match up during his comeback after taking a whooping, eventually getting the victory with the 450 splash.

Shayna is backstage responding to Mia Yim calling her out. She said that she was not impressed with Mia Yim’s story, and that all stories end the same when they’re across from Baszler: Tap, Tap, Snap.

Excellent promo package for Keith Lee. It was basic, clean, and summed up his first year in NXT. He said that being limitless doesn’t cut it, and now he will have to be “infinite.” Not sure how I feel about the new moniker, but I will be excited to see more Keith Lee moving forward, as he is an outstanding talent that deserves a good spotlight.

William Regal is outside Full Sail to make an announcement that next week, Apollo Crews will be making his way to NXT to take on KUSHIDA. That should be an excellent matchup, and potentially a breath of fresh air for Apollo!

Street Profits vs. Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch

The Street Profits are pretty much one of the hottest things going in the WWE right now, and on this night they are the main event of the best brand on WWE!

Despite Burch and Lorcan being outstanding workers, there was no doubts in our minds that the Street Profits were going to win this matchup. That being said, this was an outstanding tag-team effort, as the challengers gave the champions a run for their money. Montez Ford was money, as he is probably the best seller in the business right now and made Lorcan and Burch look like top-contenders. In the end, it was Ford with his epic Frog Splash that ended the match as the Street Profits retained.

Interrupting their celebration was Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly, as they came out laying claim to the NXT Tag Team championship as NXT went off the air.


I have been loving this BreakOut Tournament, and I know that I have given the physical match this award the last few weeks. This week, it goes to Jordan Myles. I was not impressed with Boa, as I think he has a lot of work to do to get him on the level of the rest of NXT. Myles is leaps and bounds above where a new talent to NXT should be. His athleticism and charisma make him a shoe-in for the main roster some day. Tonight’s match showed us what he’s got, and I can’t wait to see what else he gives us moving forward.