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NXT Review 7/17: Two Big Returns

Wednesdays are for Wrestling! That means it’s time for the BEST brand in WWE, the Black and Gold brand of NXT. We are well on our way to NXT Takeover: Toronto, here’s how this week went down.

Matt Riddle vs. Arturo Ruas

Ruas, who formally competed in NXT under the name Adrian Jaoude, met up with fellow mixed martial artist Matt Riddle in this matchup. This definitely was not one of Riddle’s best matches since joining WWE. This match was more of an MMA shootfight, but it was VERY slowly paced, which isn’t like Riddle has displayed. Riddle won the match by TKO as he laid down some rapid forearms.

It was the post match that got everyone talking, as Riddle was attacked by a hooded man, who ended up being Killian Dain. Dain, rocking jeans and a Tool shirt, laid waste to Matt Riddle to a chorus of boos. The real shocking moment ended up being Dain nailing a running senton to Riddle through the stage! This, which presumably will lead to Dain vs. Riddle at Takeover, will certainly be a clash of styles. It will also give Dane a great opponent to help make him look strong moving forward. Other than his participation in the North American Championship ladder match, Dain hasn’t really had a lot of singles action, so this will certainly be a big step for him.

The Street Profits are backstage, talking some trash about the Undisputed Era. They let us know that they are the NXT Tag Team Champion, and that the Undisputed Era aren’t serious about being champs. Dawkins, who gave a very serious monologue, said that if they were so serious, they would have won the ladder match.

We see some cell phone footage at Full Sail of Mia Yim dragging Marina Shafir out of a car and beating her down. Looks like Yim knows that if she wants to be the Women’s Champion, she needs to take out the Horsewomen.

Dexter Lumis vs. Bronson Reed

Dexter Lumis had a pretty creepy entrance, so creepy that they said that the truck forgot to throw to his intro video. I honestly thought this match was going to be about Bronson Reed (the former Jonah Rock) however it was all about Dexter Lumis. Lumis started the match with a very slow, methodical pace. It reminded me a lot of a very early Undertaker.

Reed ended up rallying up and getting in some of his Australian Strong-Style. He eventually nailed his top rope splash, getting Montez Ford height, for the victory. That’s right, a 300+ pound man with a top rope splash! This was not the best match in the Breakout Tournament by any means.

Tyler Breeze is backstage, discussing that things have changed in NXT. He said that it appears in the new NXT, you need friends to help you get to the top. He was interrupted by the Forgotten Sons, who told Breeze that things have changed in NXT, and that it’s a man’s world. Breeze had a funny quip when he called Jaxson Ryker “Buddy Murphy,” but other than that, it looks like Breeze has a beat down coming in the future.

KUSHIDA vs. Apollo Crews

Crews got a pretty awesome reaction from the NXT Universe at Full Sail, Eric Bischoff heard, as Crews could be a legit star for Smackdown if they use him right! This was a fun matchup, as it was a very different matchup for KUSHIDA. Most of his opponents have been smaller, technical types, whereas Crews is more of the strength and speed wrestler.

The pace of this match was very back and forth, which kept the crowd into it as much as possible. There were a lot of great counters, which completely changed the pace each time. Crews at one point hit three German Suplexes, and followed it with a standing Shooting Star Press. KUSHIDA nailed a kick on Crews right onto his left arm, which was a pretty good sign it would eventually become his demise.

KUSIDA got Crews trapped on top rope and nailed a back handspring TO the top rope. KUSHIDA ended up during an arm drag from the top rope into an arm bar on Crews’ left arm. This led to a chain of submissions that would ultimately lead to Crews tapping out. KUSHIDA and Crews hugged it out after a hard fought matchup, hopefully this isn’t the end of Apollo!

Keith Lee is backstage with Cathy Kelley. Lee talks about tall of the starts and stops during his time in NXT. He seems upset that all of the newcomers are getting opportunities, however he came in and there was nothing. He said it’s time to seek opportunities, and that he was seeking it out in the form of Damien Priest. Next week he will take on Priest on NXT TV.

The Bay Bay Championship Tour has finally arrived at Full Sail Live! Cole has shown the world what a true champion is. Cole says that the Undisputed Era has been doing their job while he was gone, leading up to the faction being draped in gold. Cole says that he will be a fighting champion, and that he will defend the NXT championship against “this man.” He shows the video of Johnny Gargano bringing the NXT Championship to his old school in Cleveland, however it focuses on one of the students.

Cole called out Twan Tucker, the student from the video, and said that he is all alone tonight. Tucker retorted that that’s good he came alone, because he didn’t. Gargano’s music hit, and a beatdown ensued. Gargano and Cole fought all over Full Sail, eventually resulting in Johnny Wrestling locking Cole in the Gargano escape in the middle of the ring and refusing to let go! It took five referees to finally get Gargano to let go. He walked up the ramp holding up 3 fingers, asking for their third and final match.



Initially I was going to give it to Crews for a great comeback, but I think Gargano’s comeback was just as great! They have done a great job keeping him off TV while Cole was running around the country celebrating. This was leading up for the perfect moment, and Johnny Wrestling was geared up for a fight. If it is indeed a one on one match between these two, I fully expect them to tear down the house, as their previous two matches are easily my 1 and 2 for match of the year.

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