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NXT UK Review 7/17: Another Hard-hitting Episode

This week’s episode started off with Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner vs Tyson T-Bone and Saxon Huxley. There’s wasn’t really a lot to talk about here as most of the offense came from Barthel and Aichner on this one. They would finish the match off with a flying back elbow/power bomb combo. We unfortunately didn’t get to see their gorilla press into a brain-buster combo this time around.

Following this was quick backstage segment with Travis Banks. He said he’s a little devastated with his loss to WALTER but his journey still continues and will just need to hit the reset button. Banks adds that this is just the beginning for him with NXT UK.

After that was our second match of the show with Xia Brookside vs Jinny. With Jinny, of course, was her insurance policy Jazzy Gabert. When the match started, Jinny advised Xia that she didn’t need Gabert to defeat her. But this quickly turned into a lie as Gabert would cause a distraction whenever she got the opportunity. In the end, Gabert got Xia’s attention long enough for Jinny to take the advantage and roll her up for the pin.

We then got a handful of promos. First up, the Imperium says they will destroy British Strong Style. They said they already took care of Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate and that WALTER accepts Trent Seven’s challenge. After that, Kenny Williams says he will be taking on Noam Dar next week and says he won’t need underhanded tactics to win. Following that, Gallus is shown backstage after their match with the Hunt and Mastiff from last last week. Joe Coffey says he wants a one on one match with Mastiff.

The promos keep on rolling. Toni Storm comes to the ring to talk about Kay Lee Ray. She said they use to be best friends but now she’s just sick of her mind games. Kay Lee Ray comes out to interrupt and says she wants her match right now. But this was only said to continue the mind games. Instead, Ray says she will wait until TakeOver: Cardiff for their match and until then will make her life a living Hell.

To top the promos off, Sid Scala announces that Storm and Ray won’t have to wait until TakeOver because next week the first ever 6 woman tag match in NXT UK will be next week with Kay Lee Ray, Jinny, and Jazzy Gabert taking on Toni Storm, Xia Brookside, and Piper Niven.

Back to the wrestling, we got our main event with Kassius Ohno vs Mark Andrews. For the majority of this match, Ohno was basically playing around with Andrews and not taking him seriously. This would eventually come back on him though. While it looked like he was going for a tombstone piledriver, Andrews would roll him up to get the pin.

And that wraps it up for this week’s episode. Next week we already have three matches with Kenny Williams vs Noam Dar, a six woman tag match, and Trent Seven takes on WALTER in a non title match in the main event. Thanks for reading and long live wrestling!