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NXT Review 7/31: Fashion Police Reunion Kicks Show Off In Style

Wednesday nights continue to be the best night for Wrestling! After last week’s episode, we got announcements for some great matches, so this week’s edition of the Black and Gold brand in WWE was extremely anticipated. Let’s see how it went down.

Tyler Breeze vs. Jaxson Ryker

Last week Tyler picked a fight with the Forgotten Sons, resulting in this week’s matchup with the group’s muscle. Breeze started the match with some aggressive offense, however he was quickly stopped by the power of Ryker.

Ryker utilized his strength to completely overpower Breeze, throwing him around like a rag-doll. While Ryker got creative with his power, he utilized the same high impact backbreaker on multiple occasions, which kind of turned me off a bit.

That quick moment of feeling turned off quickly changed, as amidst the beat down, Breeze was able to counter and nail a roll-up for the victory. The Forgotten Sons were not happy, and beat down Breeze. The crowd at Full Sail chanted for Fandango, and were thrilled when he hit the stage to help make the save. I found it interesting that he came out to zero fanfare, however loved that he and Breeze were able to take out the Forgotten Sons. Very interesting to see where this goes.

Bronson Reed vs. Cameron Grimes

On paper, this match looked to be all Bronson Reed. The size and strength of Reed, paired with his pure athleticism looked to be a huge advantage. That, and when it comes to diversity of style, I thought this tournament was going to go the direction of a Reed vs. Myles final.

That said, this match was a great display of how two very different wrestlers can mesh to put on an outstanding match. Grimes started the match by delivering some very scrappy offense, gaining the advantage for most of the match.

Towards the end of the match, Reed was able to gain the advantage. He looked like a more athletic Dusty Rhodes, nailing big elbows and crushing Grimes with power. It looked like he had Grimes on the ropes, as he pulled down his straps and got momentum to finish the match off, however Grimes countered with the high knees into a pinfall for the victory.

Overall it was a great match, it did follow the simple formula that most of the Breakout Tournament matches have had, but it still kept me glued for the entire match up. Grimes vs. Myles will be a very fast pace matchup, which will hopefully be a future shot in the arm for 205 Live. Both these stars will be huge additions to that program once they’re done in NXT, or if they even hit NXT, as we saw Swerve debut there last week.

Shayna Baszler hit the ring to cut a promo, and she does not look happy! She reminded Mia Yim that this is not the streets, and they are professionals and she shouldn’t be attacking people.

Just as Baszler got going about how it isn’t the streets, Mia Yim came down and cut her off. Yim cut an awkward promo, countering Baszler calling her street trash. It felt like a scene from Aladdin. It also really didn’t sell me on the match, as it was neither star’s best promo.

Candice LaRae is outside Full Sail waiting for Io. William Regal informs her that Io has been banned from Full Sail this week after her actions. Candice asks Regal for a match against Io at Takeover, which he grants. With the nature of their feud, I’m thinking this one may be a Street Fight, however whatever the stipulation it will be a great match!

Roderick Strong vs. Pete Dunne

This is one of those matchups where before the match even starts, you know it is going to be a treat! It started off with a slow, methodical pace, as both competitors tried to gain the advantage. Dunne got the early advantage, as he immediately went to the joints of Roderick Strong.

Strong was able to get in his back-directed offense, grounding Dunne for much of the middle of the match. After that string of offense, however, the match and pace picked up. Dunne continues to amaze me, as he had some outstanding counters that completely floored me. At one point, he flipped out of a snap German suplex and landed on his feet.

Truly, nothing I can write can do this match justice. If you didn’t watch, I highly suggest you take 20 minutes out of your life and watch it. This match is just a taste of what the triple threat at NXT Takeover will be! Dunne was able to gain the victory by submission by manipulating the joints.

Velveteen Dream came down to the ring and posed down, only for Dunne to grab his hand and snap it. Dunne stood tall as NXT went off the air. Takeover: Toronto is looking like a stacked card, but this match will surely hold its own as one of the top matches!

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