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NXT UK Review 7/31: Chaos From The Start

With the Download Festival now at it’s end, this week’s episode started with Sid Scala and Johnny Saint in the ring hyping TakeOver: Cardiff. But this is interrupted quickly by the Imperium. While walking to the ring, Barthel advised Scala and Saint that they were not in charge anymore. Once the Imperium got into the ring, Wolfe took the mic from Scala forcefully. Walter says that they are the #1 force in NXT UK. He adds that he has destroyed everyone and wants to know who is left for him at TakeOver. Tyler Bate’s music hits but nobody comes out. While the The Imperium minus WALTER make their way up the ramp, Bate attacks WALTER from behind and chaos emerges. Scala announces WALTER has met his challenger for TakeOver as WWE officials try to bring order while the show goes to commercial break.

Following this was our first match with Gallus vs Pretty Deadly. As always, Nigel comments about how good looking Pretty Deadly are but this match was all Gallus. Once Gallus finished them off with their kick to the head/powerslam combo, they call out the Grizzled Young Veterans for a match. I think this is pretty cool that they are putting two heels against each for the belt especially for a PPV. With that said, this might set up for Drake to turn face after the match at TakeOver. I don’t see a clean ending to a match with all heels wrestling.

After that was a couple of promos. First, we see Jordan Devlin going up to Scala backstage. He’s upset that Bate is getting a title shot instead of him. Scala tells him he won’t be facing WALTER but will face fellow Imperium member Alexander Wolfe in the main event of the show. Next, during an interview, Mastiff says Joe Coffey has a big mouth and will face him next week in the main event.

For the second match of the night, Dani Luna went up against Rhea Ripley. This was another one sided match. Ripley had Luna laid out about .01 second after the bell rang with a boot to the face to start the match. Ripley would finish Luna off with her Riptide.

More promos followed this. The first one is for Toni Storm and Kay Lee Ray. They both started with how well they use to like each other. Then they both mentioned things have changed, but Ray says Storm knows what she’s done to cause this. Storm admits that Ray knows her better than anyone else. Ray says she has the advantage in this match. Next, Eddie Dennis talks about tearing his pectoral muscle. Hours after the surgery, he blames this on every self entitled wrestling fan who has never been in a ring but decide to boo him.

The main event was next with Jordan Devlin facing off against Alexander Wolfe. This was a pretty solid match. Wolfe focused on the abdominal area of Devlin through out the match. This would eventually work in Wolfe’s favor as he capitalized with a sit down power bomb for the win. I got to say, I did not see that coming.

The show comes to a close with Bate backstage saying he got exactly what he wanted tonight and is going to take the title from WALTER.

And that wraps it up for this week’s episode. Next week so far we have Piper Niven and Xia Brookside vs Jinny and Jazzy Gabert then also Dave Mastiff vs Joe Coffey in the main event. Thanks for reading and long live wrestling!