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NXT UK Review 8/7: Takeover Matches Taking Shape?

This week’s episode started off with Noam Dar vs Ashton Smith. In the end, Smith tried to play opossum to sneak a rollup pin, but he missed a high risk move following that and Dar would capitalize with his Nova Roller for the win. After the match, Dar says he will have a match at TakeOver.

After this we got a lot of promo time. First, Tyler Bate says he is outnumbered by the Imperium but he is at 100% and will become the first ever two-time NXT UK champion. Then, the Grizzled Young Veterans come to the ring and start talking about Gallus. Gallus quickly interrupt, make their way to the ring, and say that they are taking the titles at TakeOver. Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews interrupt. Which I got to say, this was much needed. The crowd was not really seeming to be all into this segment until they came out. Webster and Morgan say they won’t let these two tag teams fight for the belt in their hometown without them being apart of it. The Veterans say that they have to earn the opportunity to have a match with them first.

Continuing with the promos, we see a bunch of the NXT UK roster talking about how important it is being a part of a TakeOver. After this, we see Travis Banks coming out of management’s office while Morgan and Andrews are going in. Banks says he was told he can have a match at TakeOver if he earns it. He also adds that management did not say Dar has a guaranteed match at TakeOver. Morgan and Andrews come out of the office and basically give the same information.

The next match of the show was Jinny and Jazzy Gabert vs Xia Brookside and Piper Niven. During the match, Rhea Ripley came to ringside but was immediately attacked by Niven. This brawl would lead into backstage, leaving Brookside on her own. Brookside did her best but didn’t last long. Gabert would finish her off with the Omega Slam.

Our last couple of promos followed. First, we got a recap of the Toni Storm/Kay Lee Ray feud buildup. And the last one, we see Dragunov in a dark room. Kassius Ohno barges in and questions what he’s doing. Dragunov responds by staring at Ohno with his intense breathing. Ohno leaves awkwardly.

The main event was next with Joe Coffey up against Dave Mastiff. During the match, Coffey would rip off a middle turnbuckle pad trying to block a German suplex. Following this, Coffey would shove Mastiff into the turnbuckle causing him to hurt his back. Later on, Coffey got an ear injury that would throw off his equilibrium. These injuries would eventually cause the two to suffer a double count out. Once Mastiff got back to his feet, he wanted to keep fighting. But officials and the other Gallus members came down to break them up. So I’m assuming we have another TakeOver match?

And that wraps it up for this week’s episode. Next week, we have Flash Morgan Webster vs Mark Coffey and also Kassius Ohno vs Dragunov in the main event. Thanks reading and long live wrestling!