Fantasy Booking, Jobber Knocker

Fantasy Booking Summerslam 2020

Summerslam 2019 is officially in the rear view and we already know the biggest wrestling event of the summer will be in the Jobber Knocker’s back yard in Boston, Massachusetts.

Since 90% of the squad will probably be going, we took the time to fantasy book some of the matches we’d love to see!

Mr. Nestlemania

John Cena vs Velveteen Dream

John Cena is quoted as seeing something special in the dream. This is a match a lot of fans would love to see at some point. Why not call up The Dream have him on an impressive tear and when we reach Summerslam next year he can have an open challenge. Who better to answer and OPEN CHALLENGE in BOSTON than John Cena. It’s money anyway you look at it.

Ricochet vs Andrade 

I know we’ve probably seen this match before. However, I think both of these men are on a similar track to the promised land. I would love to see Cien and Ricochet battle for an Intercontinental or United States title. Have their feud so evenly match that eventually both men pin each other we need to figure out who really is the champion. So they strip the title and hang it high above the ring in a ladder match!Tell me you don’t wanna see that!

Jazzy Gabert vs Ronda Rousey

I know you’re thinking WTF. Go with me for a minute. Ronda will return and be on a rampage to get back her title. That seems like a layup. However, once she gets it back she needs new challenges. If you haven’t been watching NXTUK (check out articles by @therealdealbcox) then you have missed out on Jazzy Gabert! The woman stands 6’1, has an intimidating presence, has competed in strongwoman competitions, and MMA fights! Ronda rarely looks like an underdog, but when she does, that’s where she’s at her best in a WWE ring. This could look like a real fight which is always something with tuning in for. 


John Cena vs. ??????

I can’t think of a better way to kickoff the show than with John Cena. It’s in Boston and Cena would get the crowd going wild. What better way to add even more intrigue than to have Cena host an Open Challenge. The man to answer this challenge…M-J-F! I know he is in AEW, but anything can happen in wrestling. MJF is from New York, so coming down in full Yankees apparel will garner torrential heat after this initial surprise pop. Cena goes over, but what a way to kickoff the show.

Sasha Banks (c) vs. Toni Storm

Next up I have a RAW women’s championship match. In my scenario The Boss enters Summerslam as champion allowing her to do all the media with the title in her hometown of Boston. The opponent I desire is one of my personal favorites, Toni Storm. This is a dream match of mine and I think these two could steal the show if given the opportunity. I would have Sasha retain in front of her friends and family.

Fatal 5-Way Ladder WWE Tag Team Championship

That’s right, UNIFIED tag titles by next Summerslam! Who are the five teams I want in this SUPAH HAWT FIYAH pedal to the metal match you ask? The Revival, The Usos, The New Day, The Street Profits, and Undisputed Era would be the selections. This match would be LIT (as the kids say). Absolutely no preference on who would go over because this match would certainly be a spectacle. 

BONUS MATCH: Brock Lesnar vs Oney Lorcan

A kid can dream right?


John Cena vs. WWE Champion or Universal Champion

John Cena is ridiculously close to winning his elusive 17th World Championship. Why not win it in his own back yard? Or, why not TEASE him winning it in his own back yard? I personally LOVE watching matches that I have no idea who will win. With a humungous milestone on the line, it’d be must-see TV.

The Fiend vs. The Undertaker

WWE dropped the ball with Bray Wyatt, you can’t argue that. Arguably the biggest faux pas was The Undertaker defeating “The New Face of Fear” at Wrestlemania 31. I don’t really want to see The Undertaker wrestle again, but I’d be okay if it was to put over The Fiend.

Johnny Gargano vs. Tommaso Ciampa

I predicted this very Summerslam match back in March after it was announced that Ciampa would miss significant time with an injury.

Ciampa costs Gargano his “Wrestlemania Moment” and it leads to a grueling match at Summerslam. Feel free to read my full prediction HERE.

Ray Ray

Street Profits vs. The Revival

First up let’s bring tag team wrestling back to Summerslam! Street Profits have been killing it in backstage segments as well as NXT tag team champions. I think in the next year they will get the full call up and fingers crossed at next years Summerslam they get a title opportunity against the #TopGuys.

Johnny Gargano vs. Daniel Bryan

This was my dream match when Daniel Bryan announced his return to action and I still want it! Bryan’s work lately as a heel has been just superb and would really compliment Gargano’s character in a long-term feud. I would like to see this as the payoff match to a long term program between these two during the summer of 2020 so maybe a stipulation of some kind is in order. (Ciampa making a surprise appearance to cost Gargano the match wouldn’t be the worst idea either).

Sasha Banks vs. literally anyone

Sasha in Boston is magic. The pop she got during her entrance at Hell in a Cell a couple years ago was like nothing I’ve heard before. GIVE ME SASHA!! (ok how about vs Ember Moon for the SD womens championship)

John Cena vs. Elias

Seeds were planted at this year’s Wrestlemania and even though it will be over a year later I think these guys could pull off a fun feud. With Goldberg appearing at this year’s Summerslam it would stand to reason that WWE will be looking to bring back big names every year for the biggest party of the summer. I’d love to see Cena come in and put over another up and coming talent.

The Joestopper

Johnny Gargano vs. Tommaso Ciampa

This needs no explanation, but I’ll give one anyway. You see, in my parallel context, I am the greatest booker since Kevin Nash in WCW. With Ciampa possibly returning to action before the Royal Rumble, it leaves enough time to reunite the DIY tag team for a WM challenge against whatever show’s champions they appear on. This time, it’s Gargano sticking the dagger in The Blackheart’s back, leading to a cowardly Johnny Wrestling avoiding Ciampa until this potential show-stealer.

Montez Ford vs. Ricochet

My hope is that by this time next year, King Tez will have seen my barrage of #ShutUpDawkins tweets, and ends his partnership with the Marty Jannetty of beatboxers. His comedic timing makes for great heel potential, and he can certainly carry King Ricochet in promos leading up to this. Of course, these two work at such breakneck speed that one blink of an eye could ruin an integral point of this match, but I’ll take this risk with an epic match of the flippy-dippies! Speaking of flippy-dippies…

Randy Orton vs. Will Ospreay

Yup, it’s the Ultimate Flippy-Dipper against the Ultimate Flippy-Dippy Hater! Eventually, Ospreay will put his pride aside and sign with the most prestigious company in the industry (NO, not AEW… yet). While it would be easy to pair Will up with a rematch with Ricochet that originally caused Orton to tweet out the “DIVE” rant, I realize that Orton may not have that many more epic moments left in WWE. If we don’t get a repeat of Kofi/Orton at this one, Ospreay’s “Os-Cutter” will pair off well against the most dangerous letters in sports entertainment… R-K-O.


Finn Balor vs. AJ Styles

I’m starting off with the big one.  They faced off a few years ago at TLC, and without build stole the show.  This one will be a little different.  After Finn comes back from his hiatus, he joins the OC and runs through the WWE.  Eventually, the two top stars feud and collide at Summerslam.

TLC: 20th Anniversary

That’s right, 20 years ago to the date would be the original TLC match at Summerslam.  It is only fitting that they tribute it at SummerSlam 2000.  Who competes in it is the major question.  If it is going to live up to the match’s namesake, I am thinking the Street Profits, the Viking Raiders, and the Uso’s. 

A Big Debut. . .

I’m not picking a third match, however more of a debut.  The Undisputed Era will debut this night and Shock the System yet again, as they ruin the main event WWE Championship match.  In an eerily similar scene to when the Undisputed Era debuted at Takeover, Adam Cole will stand tall holding up the WWE Championship as Summerslam goes off the air.