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NXT UK 8/14/19: Oh-No for Dragunov

This week’s episode started with Mark Coffey vs Flash Morgan Webster. Wolfgang accompanied Coffey and Mark Andrews arrived with Webster. The high flying duo needed a win from Webster in order to be considered for the tag title match at TakeOver: Cardiff.

As the match was coming to an end, Coffey attacked Andrews from behind while outside the ring. When Coffey got back in the ring, Webster cradled Coffey into a pin for the win. This leaves it up to Andrews now for the team to be considered for TakeOver.


We’re then taken backstage, Toni Storm is asked if she is bothered by Kay Lee Ray. In a depressed mood, Storm says she’ll be ready for her at TakeOver.

Next up is an interview with Jordan Devlin, but instead we see Rhea Ripley and Piper Niven barge in while fighting. They go for a good bit before WWE officials are able to break up the two. I’m going to make a safe assumption and say this match will be added to TakeOver.

Our second match was Kenny Williams vs Travis Banks. Before the match starts, Noam Dar comes out and makes his way to the announce table. Dar would make derogatory comments about the two competitors the entire time. Banks would deliver his Slice of Heaven followed by his Kiwi Crusher to get the win. Banks would exchange words with Dar while he was making his way up the ramp. I’m usually not sold on Dar’s mic skills, but I thought he was pretty funny with the announcers during that match.


Following this was Nina Samuels vs Isla Dawn. Not a lot happened here. Samuels would win with her Nina-garoshi.

Backstage, management made a quick announcement that Joe Coffey and Dave Mastiff will have a last man standing match at TakeOver: Cardiff.

After that we got a segment with WALTER at a wrestling school. It gets to a point where he starts roughing up the students and compares one of them to Tyler Bate. WALTER dares Bate to meet him face to face in the ring next week.


The main event was next with Kassius Ohno vs Dragunov. Dragunov got to show off his strength delivering a suplex and a sit-down power-bomb during the match. He did it pretty effortlessly on top of that. Ohno would win after using the ref as a distraction to setup his discus elbow to the back of Dragunov’s head. I was not expecting Ohno to win this match, but I’m glad he did.

And that wraps it up for this week’s episode. Next week The Hunt take on the Imperium and also Tyler Bate and WALTER meet face to face in the ring. Thanks for reading and long live wrestling!