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NXT UK 8/28/19: TakeOver: Cardiff On The Horizon

This week’s episode started with Dragunov vs Tyson T-Bone. Throughout the match, the announcers were talking about how Dragunov is coming off his first loss and how he has increased his workout to get better. This was an OK match. Dragunov would get the win after delivering a Senton bomb from the top rope followed by his Torpedo Moskau finisher.

After this was a lot of promo time and hype for TakeOver: Cardiff. Here’s the card:

  • Noam Dar vs Travis Banks
  • Dave Mastiff vs Joe Coffee in a Last Man Standing match
  • Grizzled Young Veterans (c) vs Gallus vs Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews for the NXT UK Tag Team Championship
  • Toni Storm (c) vs Kay Lee Ray for the NXT UK Women’s Championship
  • Walter (c) vs Tyler Bate for the NXT UK Championship


There was an interesting part during all the promos where Johnny Saint announced that Rhea Ripley and Piper Niven will have a match next week. I’m interested to see if Ripley or Niven come out to the ring during TakeOver and demand to have their match now because they’re not waiting. We’ll see.

In another segment, Jack Gallagher asks us who is a better British wrestler between him and Kassius Ohno. He reminds us that in their first match his foot was under the rope and Ohno moved it after the 3 count. Gallagher then challenges Ohno to a rematch.

The next match was Joseph Conners vs Oliver Carter. This was Carter’s NXT UK debut. And as we know, Conners despises the ‘shiny new toys’ that are brought to NXT UK. Not a lot happened here. Conners would deliver his Don’t Look Down after Carter missed a springboard moonsault to get the win.


After this we got some exciting footage. Cesaro says he is going to TakeOver: Cardiff to figure out first hand what it’s all about…and he may take a more hands-on approach. I would have zero complaints if he became the next NXT UK Champion. He’s more than overdue on having a main singles title.

The last match of the show was Kenny Williams vs Jordan Devlin. This match was incredible! It’s a shame neither of these two have a match at TakeOver because they delivered. Devlin would get the win after delivering his high angle back drop.


To end the show, we see the Grizzled Young Veterans come to the ring. They are upset that their tag title match has became a triple threat match. This is quickly interrupted by both Gallus and Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster as they make their way to the ring. Chaos breaks out as soon everyone enters the ring as the show fades to a close.


And that wraps it up for the last episode heading into TakeOver: Cardiff. Next week we have Ripley vs Niven scheduled, but we’ll see how that goes come Saturday. Enjoy TakeOver: Cardiff and thanks for reading. Long live wrestling!