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NXT 8/28: Tag Division Once Again Undisputed

It’s a busy week for wrestling, with NXT UK Takeover: Cardiff and AEW’S All Out this weekend, lets start the week off right with a huge NXT!

Io Shirai vs. Cami Fields

We kick off this week’s episode with one of my favorite things in NXT right now, the new Io Shirai! Shirai made quick work of Cami after nailing her with a moonsault, however she wasn’t done and pulled out pf her own pinfall. Instead, in a total heel move, Io decided she wanted to make Fields tap. Overall a good display of heel Io. The genius of the sky tried to bust out a kendo stick and beat down Fields, but Candice LaRae made the save!


Keith Lee vs. Dominik Dijakovic

A match almost 6 months in the making! I was afraid that this one wouldn’t live up to the hype, but boy was I wrong!

As predicted, this one was hard hitting. As they did in their first match, both superstars tried to show off their strength and dominate. On multiple occasions, we saw face-offs between Dijakovic and Lee, as both looked to stand tall. In an attempt to push the limits of what two big guys could do, there were a few small botches, but both men did a great job doing their best to cover it to ensure that wasn’t what we remembered.

While I really would love to see these two on the big stage of NXT TakeOver, I was happy this was another match on NXT. This match had probably the spot of the year, as Keith Lee nailed Dijakovic with a Spanish Fly from the top rope. Two men the size of Lee and Dijakovic should not be doing a move like that! While I really thought Keith Lee needed this win, Dijakovic walked off with the victory after nailing the Feast Your Eyes on Lee.

Another classic match between these two, and quite frankly I don’t want this feud to be over. Something tells me Lee isn’t going to accept that this as over. I also have to think that Damian Priest might insert himself in here somewhere, which could give this feud a whole new level of physicality!


Next up is a recap of Johnny Gargano’s career in NXT. This package went all the way back to the beginning of Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa’s feud, all the way to being crowned NXT Champion. Everyone who knows me knows that I am a huge Johnny Gargano fan and this package made me an even bigger one! With NXT heading to USA, I expect him to be a big player on the brand moving forward. I don’t see him moving to Raw or SmackDown.

While the commentating team were singing Gargano’s praises, Shane Thorne came out to run his mouth about Gargano leaving, and how we should be focusing on Thorne. Thorne’s character is already boring me. The bitter, un-used talent thing isn’t working for him, and I don’t see him beating Gargano.

We see a backstage clip of Mia Yim who was very upset about what happened last week. Regal brushed her off, saying that she attacked the Horsewomen, so she kind of had it coming.

Shayna Baszler and the Horsewomen came down to the ring with a mic. Just before Shayna could open her mouth, Rhea Ripley’s music hit and shocked Full Sail Live. Rhea slapped the mic out of Baszler’s hand, and told Baszler that she may have beaten everyone in NXT, but she hasn’t beaten her. This matchup is exactly what Baszler needs, as her last few feuds have fallen pretty flat. Ripley is a legit talent that will give Baszler a run for her money!


Street Profits vs. Undisputed Era

The Street Profits have been active on both Raw and SmackDown as of late. That, paired with the Undisputed Era’s quest to be draped in gold, made this one look like it would be the end of the Street Profit’s reign before it started.

This match was another outstanding bout between these two teams. If this is indeed the Street Profits’ last match on NXT, they are leaving a huge hole in the NXT Tag Team division, as well as taking a great rival away from the Undisputed Era. These two teams have great chemistry.

One thing that Fish and O’Reilly have been able to do is bring out the absolute best of Angelo Dawkins. Every time he gets the hot tag, it is legitimate speed and power. This is something that we definitely didn’t see when the Street Profits hit the scene.

The end of the match saw an all out brawl between the four combatants. Ford missed a Frog Splash and Dawkins was thrown out of the ring. This allowed the Undisputed Era to hit High/Low for the victory.


The Undisputed Era celebrated on the stage, now only missing the North American Championship to complete their quest to be draped in all the gold. If this is the end for the Street Profits, it is was an outstanding and entertaining run for them.

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