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NXT Review 9/4: NXT’s Depth On Full Display

It’s been a busy week down here in Orlando!  Doesn’t mean that there wasn’t time to keep everyone up to date on NXT! Here’s what went down this week.

Breezango vs. Chase Parker & Matt Martel

It was good to see Fandango back in action, especially beside Tyler Breeze.  This match was a good way to start the show off, a quality tag team match.  Martel and Parker, the former Team 3.0, put on an outstanding tag team match.  I’m really excited to see what Parker and Martel can do.  They were outstanding in Chikara, and there is a lot of room in the Tag Team division right now to stand out.  Breezango was able to walk away with the victory, as they continue to establish themselves as a top team right now. 

Backstage we see Io Shirai attacking Candice LaRae with a kendo stick in the parking lot.  As I have said before, I am loving this feud.  NXT continues to push their women’s division to have 2 tears of feuds going on at one time.  This feud, however, has the potential to dwarf the Ripley/Baszler feud with the fire it has right now.

Cameron Grimes is seen backstage ranting to himself that he didn’t win the NXT Breakout Tournament, and now he is at the bottom.  He definitely was looking very upset with himself, and has a creepier villain look going on, complete with a pretty sweet top hat.  We’ll see where this one goes.

Velveteen Dream vs. Kona Reeves

I don’t know what it is about Kona Reeves that I don’t like, but I just can’t buy into him.  This match was really sloppy.  Dream, who naturally looks sloppy as part of his performance, didn’t pair well with the dangerously sloppy Reeves.  At one point, Kona had the Dream pinned and tried to grab the ropes for leverage.  This didn’t work, however, as he missed the rope on his first 2 attempts.  The referee finally made the call when Reeves got his fingers on the bottom rope.  Dream ended up winning with the Dream Valley Driver, but this certainly was not the best showing of his title run.

After the match, Roderick Strong was on the screen calling out the Velveteen Dream.  It looked like he was standing behind a fire.  While Strong was talking about how he was ready for the spotlight, he revealed that it was the Velveteen Dream’s couch that was on fire, finishing with “do I have your attention now?”  This feud is getting good!

Highlights of Rhea Ripley interrupting Shayna last week.  For those who don’t watch NXT UK (and if you don’t, you need to at least read Brian Cox’s recap) we got a good highlight reel of some of Rhea’s work.  Next week these two will be face to face, and boy am I hoping that it leads to a match at Takeover!

Taynara Conti vs. Bianca Belair

This match was an outstanding match if you’re looking for athleticism and flipping abilities.  There was a little bit of wrestling, but definitely not a mat classic.  Bianca was able to display some of her strength, but Conti was not the best seller.  Belair won with a very sloppy KOD. 

Belair needs a good feud to be a 3rd tier women’s feud in NXT, something that WWE does not have!  Not sure who is next for her, but it’s good to see them keep her relevant, especially with all that they invested in her.

William Regal is in his office announcing a triple threat match in two weeks between Bianca Belair, Io Shirai, and Mia Yim.  This match will name a new #1 Contender for the NXT Women’s Championship.  I was shocked that none of those names were Rhea Ripley.  I think we can all assume that Candice Larae will get herself involved to stop Io Shirai, but will Ripley involve herself somehow?  I think we’ll find out next week when Ripley and Baszler face-off.

Jordan Myles vs. Adam Cole

I was anticipating this moment the second that Myles brought out the contract on NXT TV. While the breakout tournament was really great, I thought that it didn’t do that great of a job of showcasing just how unique Jordan Myles is. Pairing him with Adam Cole was exactly what he needed.

Cole plays the cocky heel so well. We didn’t see it much during his matches with Johnny Gargano, but we saw it a lot in this one. At one point, he continuously slapped the face of Myles, demanding that he give Cole his best. Myles delivered, keeping Cole on his toes with his unique offense.

This was a fun matchup for Cole on NXT. I think we all knew going into it that Myles wasn’t going to win, but it was a fresh opponent. The end of the match certainly teased us that Myles might win. He had Cole down and nailed a few high impact moves. Cole ended up catching Myles off guard getting back in the ring and hit him with a superkick, followed by a superkick to the back of the head and a Last Shot.

Overall this was an outstanding match to end the show with. Adam Cole is such a great performer, while I would have wanted to see him get the call to the main roster, I think he is a perfect choice to be the face of NXT as it moves to NXT. What this match also shows is that NXT has some unbelievable depth in its roster of people that are ready for the spotlight that being on a main network brings.

Another great week of NXT is in the books. Be sure to check for more insight and analysis of everything in the Wrestling world. And follow me on Twitter @TJoftheJK.