Cruiserweight Report

Joestopper’s Cruiserweight Report 9/10: The Path To The Clash!

While it may be a bit disheartening for a 100% 100 previously known as “King Ricochet” while in Japan to be eliminated from King Of The Ring tournament by the incomparably untalented Baron Corbin, there will be plenty of representation from the cruiserweight realm at this Sunday’s Clash Of Champions. For instance, the aforementioned talentless Corbin will be facing off against Chad Gable, who has been busting everyone’s brackets with his run. Cedric Alexander, after pinning US Champion AJ Styles on Raw, will be challenging our Phenomenal One for his belt. Seth Rollins will be pulling double duty at yet another PPV, defending both the Raw Tag belt and Universal Title. Kofi Kingston will once again face off against Randy Orton for the WWE Championship in a feud that could last another year, as far as I’m concerned. And beginning the festivities will be a Triple Threat match for the prestigious Purple Belt, with CW Champion Drew Gulak squaring off against both Humberto (Shimmy Shimmy Ya) Carrillo and Lince Dorado. 

This evening’s episode of 205 Live begins with a recap of Carrillo earning his opportunity by defeating Oney Lorcan two weeks ago, followed by Dorado defeating Carrillo cleanly to be inserted into the title match. Both challengers will have to join forces tonight to face the reformed alliance of Gulak and Tony Nese. Vic Joseph announces the departure of Nigel McGuinness from the commentary booth (since he’ll be needed in Florida every Wednesday night soon), and introduces former NXT jobber Dio Maddin as the new third man alongside Aiden English. I don’t have too many gripes with English’s work thus far, but bringing in an experienced color man may have been the better move. McGuinness will be sorely missed on the 205 Live sticks.

Akira Tozawa and THE Brian Kendrick are out to face Gentleman Jack Gallagher (quoting Notorious B.I.G. in Madison Square Garden, perfect!) and his mystery partner, NXT’s KUSHIDA! I was betting on Noam Dar, but I’m psyched for KUSHIDA’s 205 Live’s debut. The Time Traveller frustrates Kendrick early with his amazing speed. English seems to be implying that Tozawa is being corrupted by Kendrick, which would leave Lucha House Party as the only “babyface” team on Tuesday Late Night. Surprisingly, KUSHIDA picks up the tap-out victory over Kendrick with his HoverLock armbar. Hopefully, this isn’t a one-off for this tag team.

Speaking of tag teams, The Bollywood Boyz are in the Bollywood Studio speaking in trite cliches about their eventual return. Someone is actually green-lighting these promos. Mike Kanellis is being interviewed by Sarah Schreibner, who laments that although he has victories over top guys, he’s still not being given opportunities. Maria interrupts, claiming that his win over Nese was meaningless and threatens to leave him yet again. Sad, they seem so happy in Twitter photos…

Carrillo and Dorado enter, but are jumped from behind by Gulak, Nese, and Ariya Daivari. Gran Metallik comes out to even the odds, and Carrillo challenges them to a Nestlemania approved Six-Man tag match. Apparently, Maddin’s first job while in NXT was to Dorado, and he extols the quickness of the Golden Lynx. Nese wears down Dorado, and he seems to have shelved his high-impact offense he adopted during his attempt at a babyface run. In classic fashion, the New York crowd is ignoring the match to pay attention to a fight in the stands, and Gulak trolls them for it. The trio of luchadores is getting manhandled by the heels, including Gulak rocking Metallik like a baby for about 30 seconds. Carrillo finally gets the hot tag, cleans house, and hits a graceful moonsault to the outside to wipe out everyone. Everyone gets their shit in with finishers, with Dorado hitting his Shooting Star Press on Gulak to win and wrap up a rather forgettable go-home episode of 205 Live

My 100% 100 KgOTW

When he first arrived from Japan, I thought it was foolish to not send KUSHIDA directly to 205 Live. Not to knock my man TJoftheJK, but the Time Traveller is not in need of Performance Center training. It’s not often that wrestlers combine quickness with submission wrestling, but Kushida IS that hybrid. I’ve said before that 205 Live is in need of a secondary title, and tag belts would be the best way to utilize everyone on the roster (Where In The World Is Raul Mendoza?). His act paired well with Gallagher’s tonight, and I hope that Triple H and GM Drake Maverick are checking out this article along with you, loyal reader. KUSHIDA, you are my 100% 100 KgOTW!