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Sit Back and Enjoy: Wrestling’s Greatest Week

It has been quite some time since a non-Wrestlemania week has been so exciting in Wrestling. Many people have forgotten what was like to have a week so stacked with Wrestling. Yes, we have had Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday full of WWE programming for the last few years. We also had a few strong years where we had Raw, Smackdown, and TNA Impact keeping us busy. Myself, I had a few years that I had the WWE programming (Raw, Smackdown, NXT) and sprinkled in Ring of Honor, Impact, MLW, and random Indy wrestling. This week we add in All Elite Wrestling to the fold. Unfortunately, the Internet Wrestling Community is operating just like the wrestling world; divided.

As a wrestling fan dating as far back as I can, I have enjoyed almost any product that is put in front of me. I can find redeeming qualities, as well as completely trash it, but I’ll still watch. During the Attitude Era, I chose a side and only watched WWE programming. One of my friends kept me up to speed on WCW while I updated him on WWE. Now, we are blessed with DVR, which will get us hours of wrestling each week that we can all enjoy.

You read that right, we can all enjoy. Yes, I am the NXT guy here at the Jobberknocker, but I am also an All Elite Wrestling fan. I plan on DVR’ing Dynamite each week and watching it after (as well as checking in on Joe’s recaps weekly.) That is exactly what everyone should do, don’t trash someone if they choose something else, ask them to tell you more about it.

What I challenge everyone who read’s this to do, is to sit back and enjoy this week. If you are a WWE fan, DVR All Elite Wrestling’s debut episode and watch it. If you are an All Elite Wrestling fan, do the same for WWE product. And if you are like me, and enjoy anything, find something new to watch and enjoy! There is a ton of wrestling on the internet.

The biggest challenge I have for you, the reader, is to not criticize someone else’s product. Every product that has TV time will be going (pun intended) all in this week. Just enjoy the hours of wrestling product that is put in front of us. Enjoy seeing all of our favorite stars on screen. And if you don’t get a chance to do it, check back here on to get your updates, and listen to the Jobberknocker Podcast each week!

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