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NXT UK 10/3/19 Results: Kay Lee Reign

This week’s episode started out with Piper Niven vs Isla Dawn. Nobody really had the upper hand during the match. I thought the majority of this match kind of felt like a long ‘feeling out’ process. The crowd throughout the entire show was having a good time and that really helped out during this match. Niven would get the win after delivering her Michinoku Driver.


We then see Dragunov coming out of the training room while icing his shoulder. He says he’s not medically cleared to wrestle. Wolfe interrupts and tells Dragunov that he likes him and that he should take a rest while he fights instead. He then tells a confused Dragunov to think about his future before walking off. This would be a very interesting addition to Imperium if that’s what Wolfe is hinting at.

Following this, Niven is asked where her head is at after picking up her victory earlier. While Niven starts talking about wanting the championship, she is interrupted by Jinny. She responds by saying that she is the next champion. Right after that, Jazzy Gabert attacks Niven from behind. Jinny once again reminds Niven that the title is hers.

The next match on the show was Alexander Wolfe vs Saxon Huxley. The crowd was the MVP during this bout. There were random ‘Jesus’ chants during the entire match. And they all made me laugh. In case you haven’t seen Huxley, if Jesus Christ was a wrestler, this is it. Anytime Huxley had any offense the crowd would go crazy. This match was a lot of fun no matter how good the actual match was. Wolfe though would get the win after connecting with his sit-down powerbomb.


Once again backstage, Ashton Smith says he is getting better and better no matter the outcome of his matches. The Grizzled Young Veterans interrupt and make fun of his win/loss record. Smith brings up that they have lost their last two title matches. The Veterans responded by saying that they are still the leaders in the locker room. Smith does not agree with them.

Next up was Mike Bird vs Jack Starz. When Starz’s music came on though, Wolfgang and Mark Coffey came out dragging him to the walk way already knocked out. Once they got in the ring, they mention that Bird actually trained the tag champs then started beating him up. Webster and Andrews come out to save Bird, but Joe Coffey flanks them and Gallus beats up all three.


Our main event was next with Tegan Nox vs Kay Lee Ray. It took awhile for things to get going, but once it did this was a pretty good match. After Nox missed a shining wizard on the apron and hit the ring post, Ray would capitalize and deliver her Gory Bomb to get the win.

And that wraps it up for this week’s episode. Next week The Hunt is back in action and also Jazzy Gabert takes on Piper Niven. Thanks for reading and long live wrestling!