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Reaction to The Fiend vs. Seth Rollins at Hell in a Cell

Sunday night at Hell in a Cell fans left extremely unhappy. Seth Rollins delivered what seemed 30 curb stomps to The Fiend to no effect. The message we were sent was that this version of Bray Wyatt is invincible and Seth Rollins’ finisher is obsolete. The match was stopped by the official who seemingly was fearful for the safety of The Fiend after Rollins continued his assault with every weapon at his disposal.

The crowd unsurprisingly was very disappointed at this result. The boo birds had surfaced earlier in the match when Rollins began to hit curb stomp after curb stomp and it appeared as if The Kingslayer would defeat Wyatt clean. The tone had been set. No result besides The Fiend claiming the Universal Title would send the crowd home happy. The same could be said for those of us watching from home and that was evident by twitter’s reactions throughout this match.

There is a lot to unpack with this one. We will begin with the premise of the “Hell in a Cell” match. This has always been one of my favorite gimmick matches because it literally is anything goes and the point is to incapacitate your opponent until you are victorious. You have countless weapons at your disposal as well as the giant steel structure to use as a instrument of pain. We saw the cell itself become a major asset to the Sasha Banks-Becky Lynch match earlier in the night as they had unique spots to inflict pain on each other. But for some reason the past two years this “anything goes” match has resulted in two non-finishes in the main events. What could WWE possibly expect the reaction to be?

The next point of contention is why this match was booked in the first place. Many believed The Fiend should be as far away from a championship as possible. The main argument was The Fiend does not need a championship to be relevant. I disagree with this sentiment because Bray Wyatt is a former WWE champion and we all know he has the capability to be a big time player. I was actually okay with this match happening. However, like everyone else my expectation was WWE would pull the trigger on The Fiend as the face of RAW going forward into this whole new world.

This is where the crux of the issue lies. This feud was not necessary if they were not ready to crown The Fiend Universal Champion. I do not understand how a creative team sat in a room and put together this main event match, which the entire wrestling world was fascinated with and came up with this result. What emotions were they trying to invoke? Seth Rollins is pushed like the good guy that we are all supposed to adore. He ended a Brock Lesnar title reign twice. The crowd loves screaming “burn it down!” when he enters an arena. Yet, they set him up to not only lose the crowd, they made his moveset obsolete in the process.

On the other side of the ring you have The Fiend. This enigma of a character who is the most must see act in all of wrestling currently took an absolute beating and showed hardly any ill effects. Is this a precedent they are ready to set? The Fiend was booked to look almost invincible, yet the referee had to stop a match that should not be stopped.

The internet is outraged. The #CancelWWENetwork hashtag was trending yet again. On the other side you have fans bashing each other for being upset. It’s okay to be upset watching something you like. I could name countless TV shows I adore, but there were times where I thought it was crap. It happens. The uniqueness of WWE is it never ends. There is no “series finale.” It is a cyclical system where stories end and something else quickly pops up and that story begins. Was Hell in a Cell a low? Absolutely. It is okay to be furious or frustrated or upset with that. That does not mean I’m done with WWE. Maybe I take a break? Sure.

Everyone has to answer these questions for themselves. Just because you don’t want to watch it anymore and are enjoying AEW or NXT instead does not mean you should disparage someone for complaining on Twitter. Everyone is allowed to react as they please. Is watching something you get upset at over and over and expecting a different result insane? Oh yeah, but we’re wrestling fans and that is part of the ride. WWE has listened to many critiques and made some changes, hopefully here once again they see the error of their ways and do it differently in the future.

Am I a sucker for thinking this?

Yup. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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