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JoeStopper’s AEW Report 5/20: It’s Our Anniversary!

If your state allows for it, make that restaurant reservation! Cop some flowers (and make sure the price isn’t on the wrapping), and cue up the Tony! Toni! Tone! classic. One year ago this week, All Elite Wrestling dropped their inaugural Double Or Nothing PPV. It was an evening of amazing matchups and iconic moments, punctuated by the arrival of current AEW World Champion Jon Moxley following the Chris Jericho/Kenny Omega main event. I would elaborate further, but Wrestling With Wregret’s Brian Zane already beat me to the year wrap-up, and my additional Quarantine 15 means I shouldn’t be stepping on anyone’s toes!

This evening’s episode of Dynamite kicks off with a hype package for Double Or Nothing II and the Inner Circle arriving in a limo, berating Alex Marvez in the process. In terms of in-ring, Mr. Brodie Lee is addressing the wrestlers in the audience that he is most deserving of the AEW title he currently has in his possession. He won’t face Moxley in the ring, but 10 is more than up to the challenge. It’s not a full-blown squash for the Dark Order recruit, as the former Preston Vance gets a surprising amount of offense. But after Mox picks up the win, he lodges a chair between a chair between 10’s elbow and gives a Conchairto to it, breaking his arm sending a message to The Exalted One that he’s coming for his property.

MJF is out next with Wardlow, taking on 1/3 of Jurassic Express in Marko Stunt. What’s hilarious is that Friedman is making fun of Stunt’s size, while not being a whole hell of a lot taller. This goes a bit longer than expected, but MJF locks in Salt Of The Earth for the tap-out. He knocks out Stunt afterwards with the Diamond ring, but scurries out as Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy arrive to.

In lieu of the traditional contract signing, the mentors of the two combatants for the TNT Championship, Arn Anderson and Jake Roberts. It’s hard to imagine that these two legends never faced each other in the ring. It’s harder to ponder why All Elite Wrestling allowed them to talk on live television for over eight minutes.

Pac is live from quarantine, burning a picture of Best Friends. I’m not sure if he’ll be able to get back to America for Double Or Nothing, but I’m all for re-forming The Death Triangle! His DT partner, Fenix, is taking on Orange Cassidy in an absolute classic of a match. As the bout reached its climax, Kip Sabian set up a ladder to distract Cassidy, and Fenix hit his cutter to take the W. All combatants in the Casino Ladder Match show up to get their shit in, and Fenix nearly kills himself with a moonsault that nobody caught.

Hikaru Shida is teaming with Kris Statlander against Women’s champion Nyla Rose and Dr. Britt Baker, with each facing one another at Double Or Nothing. I have to say, this match is, um, not great. Miscommunications abounded, and Nyla picks up a victory over Shida with a BeastBomb before facing her at DON. Shida does stop Rose from splashing her through a table by superplexing the champion, but it doesn’t look good for the challenger.

Shawn Spears News is apparently a thing. I sometimes like things. He’s challenging Dustin Rhodes to a match a DON, so add him to the countless others feuding with the Rhodes family. Where are Blade & Butcher? Oh, in the audience… where Mr. Royce usually is.

In the main event, Sammy Guevara is out to avenge the attempted vehicular homicide perpetrated by Broken Matt Hardy. Lots of good back-and-forth action, which is quite the palette cleanser from the women’s match. I’m not sure if we needed to see Damascus biting the foot of the Sexy Spanish God, but he still picks up the win with a second Twist Of Fate. The action picks up in the neighboring stadium, where we see the return of Young Bucks AND Hangman Page to even the odds against Inner Circle. Although the Elite stand tall, Page walks off into the wilderness again following this, adding intrigue to how devoted he is to the Elite’s cause heading into Stadium Stampede as we fade to black.

JoeStopper’s Elite Of The Week

As brief as the appearance was, Pac on my television made me smile during an episode in which very little else did. While it’s not likely that he’ll be able to leave England in time for Double Or Nothing (unless he already has?), the “surprise entrant” in the Casino Ladder Match does leave an opening for The Man That Vince Forgot. With the added stipulation of the winner getting a AEW World title shot, I’ll tighten the tourniquet for a Pac/Mox feud! Pac, you are (once again) JoeStopper’s Elite Of The Week!