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NXT 7/8: The Great American Bash, Night 2

Last Wednesday was an exciting night in the wrestling world. We had two high quality shows in the Great American Bash and AEW’s Fyter Fest (Shoutout to the Joe Stopper, doing hard work for the Knocker covering that.). Tonight should be just as exciting. We here at the Jobberknocker were disappointed when we heard spoilers were out, but we stayed spoiler free for this one! Here is how it went down!

Candice LeRae vs. Mia Yim

The two ladies that were the black-eye of the elimination match last week went out to to get us to try and forget their unfortunate performances. What better way to do that than to start the match with Yim attacking LeRae on the stage during her entrance, then filling the ring with weapons. Both ladies weren’t wearing their gear, as they came out dressed in street clothes ready for a brawl.

It made its way outside into the NXT crowd. Candice even broke down the PC Crowd’s catering table (which my wife was quick to note was all healthy snacks.) The only questionable moment was Candice hitting Yim with a package of napkins, not sure how much damage that would do.

The whole story went full circle, as Mia Yim busted out a pair of brass knuckles. While her initial use of them was blocked by a chair, they ultimately became a keep art of the match. Mia Yim and Candice found themselves on top of a table mounted on the turnbuckle. Yim tried to use the brass knuckles, but Candice stole them and slapped the HBIC with them. LeRae finished off Yim with a neckbreaker from the table onto a pile of chairs for the victory.

This was actually a great match to start the show off. I won’t lie, I had zero excitement going into this, as both of these ladies didn’t look last week. Clearly, they were saving it up for this match, as they gave it all and put on a great exhibition for the NXT Women’s Division.

Bronson Reed vs. Tony Nese

This was an interesting matchup. Apparently it was sparked because of a backstage argument about sportsmanship. It was a quality matchup, despite not getting a lot of build. We haven’t seen a lot of Reed, a few jobber matches here and there, but nothing of substance. It was nice to see him and Nese get a little time in the ring with a spotlight on it. Bronson Reed ultimately got the victory with a top rope splash. While it wasn’t a huge main event, it was definitely worth checking out.

Robert Stone is backstage with Aliyah, ready to announce Shotzi Blackheart as the latest signing for the Robert Stone Brand. Stone told her that it was on fire, which Shotzi agreed, although she said it was a dumpster fire. Stone was upset and threw his coffee, but apparently threw it into Killian Dain. Dain, with the best spot he’s had since the disbanding of Sanity, threw Stone into the wall, which allowed Shotzi to run over Robert Stone with her tank. Stone’s ankle looked pretty mangled.

The Undisputed Era arrived during commercial break, and it looks like Kyle O’Reilly is in the house. Might be a rough night for Keith Lee if the entire Undisputed Era is at ringside.

Isaiah Scott vs. Johnny Gargano

I have been waiting for Swerve’s coming out party since his arrival in NXT. I really thought that the Cruiserweight Tournament was going to be his moment, but clearly that didn’t happen. And, as Nestle reminds our listeners each and ever week, I enjoy the ring work of Johnny Gargano. This was the match that none of us asked for, but we all needed.

Gargano and Scott had a fun sequence towards the beginning of the match. Both superstars apparently scouted each other, as it felt like a video game moment with each person countering the other. They countered each other so much that they found themselves outside the ring while the ref was at a six-count!

In the end, Gargano and Scott were dueling at ringside. Gargano found himself on the outside on the mat while Scott attempted the double stomp from the top rope. Swerve missed, and while he was checking on his knee, Gargano threw Scott into the ring post, followed by a Poison-Rana, knocking him out. Johnny Wrestling hit the One Final Beat for the victory.

While this match had very little build, this one delivered big. I’m sure Nestle will shit on me Tuesday, but I don’t care. Johnny proved why he is a top star in NXT, and Swerve showed us exactly why he needs to considered a top star. Hopefully, after this match, we see more Swerve. As for Gargano, I’m interested to see where he goes next. After tonight’s main event, we should have a clearer picture of where our top NXT stars will be going.

Quick promo for the NXT Women’s Championship match next week between Io and Tegan. Looking forward to that match, as I love both of these ladies ring work and their stories. Both are deserving of the spot, so it should be a good match.

Legado Del Fantasma vs. Fandango & Drake Maverick

Breezango, as always, rocking the funny entrance, this time spoofing Santos Escobar’s dad. The jokes stopped there, however, as Drake Maverick took charge and wanted to take on the entire faction himself.

This match clearly was meant to show the ring work of Legado Del Fantasma and continue to label them as a top faction in NXT. It certainly worked, as the top part of the match was the trio getting the advantage and showing off. Escobar ended up with the victory hitting the Fantasma Driver.

Fandango and Breeze really don’t get enough credit. They are the tag-team that gets thrown in to make people look good. Fandango had a few creative spots that once again leaves me scratching my head why he gets stuck in a silly gimmick. Regardless, even in a losing match, we all leave entertained.

Johnny and Candice are backstage, discussing that they are the Greatest American Power Couple in the Universe. They also mention that they have some unfinished business, and cryptically walk off.

Santana Garrett vs. Mercedes Martinez

Finally, we get the long awaited official NXT debut of the veteran Mercedes Martinez. We have been getting hype videos for the last few weeks, as Martinez joins an already stacked NXT Women’s division. It was pretty straight forward that she was going to get the victory, but I’m excited to see where she goes from here.

Damian Priest lets us know that Cameron Grimes is not officially the #1 Contender for the NXT Championship (THANK GOD!). Next week Priest will get his hands on Grimes, in what hopefully is a match that I can Tweet out as a Jobber Alert!

Keith Lee vs. Adam Cole

I cannot stress enough that both of these men completely deserved the opportunity to be the first double champion in NXT History. When it came to Survivor Series 2019, nobody looked better than Adam Cole, except maybe Keith Lee. Ever since Keith Lee came back and started his long feud with Dominik Dijakovic, he has been on fire. A trajectory that I think we all hoped would end with him being the NXT Champion.

With that, however, Adam Cole has had one of the best runs anyone has had in the company in years. Since his arrival, he has found himself in top storylines, winning the inaugural North American Championship, and being the NXT Champion for over a year now.

This match delivered, as both men took the above stories and put them in the ring. Cole did everything he could, in the most weasel way, to try and defend his championship. Cole even pulled a Kevin Owens and got a rope break with the tip of his finger! Keith Lee put his heart and soul into this. Even if it was just the NXT Superstars in the crowd, you could feel the Full Sail Crowd behind each and every move Lee did, hoping for that big victory.

The last act of the match saw Lee hitting the Moonsault that he missed at Survivor Series. It felt like it was over, but Cole wasn’t giving up that easy. The two beat the hell out of each other after that, and that’s when the true storytelling really kicked into gear. Cole delivered the Last Shot, to which Lee kicked out. Cole hit the Panama Sunrise, to which Keith Lee kicked out. The Man is a machine, and tonight had to be his night.

Cole had Lee on the ropes, he hit one last Last Shot, and geared up for the Panama Sunrise. Lee was struggling to his feet, but instead of receiving the Panama Sunrise, countered it into a Spirit Bomb, followed by the Powerslam to become the NXT Champion!

I am going to say this: this was the best moment in Wrestling since the COVID-Era began. This match had so much story, and was pulling at my heartstrings almost as much as some of the best matches I have seen. Lee deserved this 100%, and the match delivered. It was slow and methodical, and told the story of a man who felt he couldn’t be stopped, and a man who truly could not be stopped! Even the crowd’s reaction seemed authentic, which made the moment even better.

I should mention that we got multiple shots of Karrion Kross and Scarlett looking down at Keith Lee’s celebration, so Kross still has his eyes on the NXT Championship. But tonight was all about the Limitless One! Next week I will be taking a quick hiatus, as my wife and I are expecting our second child’s arrival Thursday morning (he will truly be LIMITLESS.) I will be back in two weeks with all of your NXT coverage! Make sure you check back here, and follow me on Twitter @TJoftheJK.