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TJ’s Hot Take: As a Fan, Ratings Don’t Matter

A year ago, I wrote an article before the launch of AEW Dynamite. It was such an iconic moment, a time for two wrestling companies to being going head to head, giving fans a better product due to “competition.” Sadly, fans haven’t taken to enjoying wrestling, instead, they have continued to battle and argue over who is better. What has almost made it worse is that it no longer is about the subjective battle about which show is better, it is now about ratings.

I have said for almost a year now, “Wednesdays are for Wrestling” (Barstool, let me make this shirt please.). Wednesday night for the TV in my house. First up is NXT, then AEW. For 3+ hours it is majority excitement, a few low points, but overall it is exactly what we asked for as wrestling fans when we had our lull in the industry. Before people jump all over me; yes, I do cover NXT here, but I have been on the AEW wagon since I saw the announcement on Being the Elite on New Years Day 2019.

Usually around 10 PM (EST) a few polls emerge on Twitter that ask which show was better, a few small debates build, but then Thursday afternoon comes:

I don’t follow Bryan Alvarez. I find him to be obnoxious, annoying, and completely one sided. I get triggered even seeing his stupid picture on his Twitter handle. At least Dave Meltzer has a few redeeming qualities to follow. Bryan Alvarez’s nonsense tweet about the ratings does nothing but throw gasoline on a fire that DOES NOT NEED TO HAPPEN. Maybe he is posting this so all of the Ad Executives that follow him can see and buy ad space. Unfortunately, with digital streaming, along with DVR, ratings almost don’t even matter. To us at home, however, they don’t.

Does it really affect me, as a fan, that a sampling of homes watched a show? Do I care that a show won the key demographic of 18-49? Are you even watching the commercials that those ratings drew, since ratings equal advertising dollars. Does all of these even affect the product? What we, as fans, should be doing is sitting back and enjoying the product that is put before us. If we don’t like it, shut it off or don’t watch it. Sit around and debate your friends the subjective argument about which one is better, that’s what we did in school in the 90’s about WCW, WWE, and ECW. You know what was even better, sometimes those arguments made us check out the other product, and become fans, because deep down, we are WRESTLING FANS.

Now that I am off my soap box. This Wednesday, try and enjoy both shows. Sit back, watch, and enjoy. DVR one of the shows (and fast forward through the commercials that your ratings earned.). Talk amongst your friends, or some of your Social Media peers. However, try to not get caught up in ratings. Enjoy this era of wrestling, and the enjoyable Wednesdays that we get. Oh, and please don’t reTweet or like Bryan Alvarez’s ratings Tweet. Unless you want me to get triggered and go on a Nestle rant again.