14012604_10153839032378506_2081216786_oMr. Nestlemania

Twitter: @Nestlemania

One of Mr. Nestlemania’s fondest memories from his childhood was watching WWF Superstars with his grandfather at four years old, which ignited the fire inside him and helped turn him into a lifelong fan from then on, to the point where he lived and breathed wrestling of all kinds. It didn’t matter if it was WWF, WCW, or ECW; he watched them all and hasn’t stopped since. Well, except for a brief hiatus after that whole Katie Vick storyline… the less said about that whole debacle the better.

Ultimately this life long passion for professional wrestling would lead Mr. Nestlemania to become a wrestler himself, training under the tutelage of Maverick Wild, but unfortunately his wrestling career was cut short by a severe back injury. However, this was not before he got to finally experience a lifelong dream of wrestling in front of a live crowd after eight years of hard work, with The Intern as his manager.

He co-founded the Jobber Knocker Podcast with J.C. as a way to further express his love of professional wrestling and hopes that he can continue to entertain people as well with his passion and energy.



Twitter: @JCoftheJK

The man with the mysterious initials of J.C. originally wasn’t allowed to watch wrestling when he was growing up, but things changed in middle school when his friends began to watch as wrestling’s public popularity went through the roof during the attitude era, and J.C. was instantly enamored by the storytelling and athleticism involved.

A long time fan of sports in general, with an almost encyclopedia level of knowledge, J.C. felt like sports entertainment was the next big thing for him to obsess over. As a co-founder of the Jobber Knocker Podcast, he brings that obsession and endless knowledge to the masses, always ready and willing to debate his point of view against Mr. Nestlemania.



16441209_10211094835222407_1246046745_nGuthrie the Ring Announcer

Twitter: @TheGuthrieRoy

Guthrie is a former ring announcer for the independent scene of professional wrestling and announced in every New England state except for Maine. He had the privilege and honor of announcing notable names such as Jerry “The King” Lawler, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, Ron Simmons, Scotty 2 Hotty and even Shark Boy! He announced his first match at the age of 18.

Since retiring from the independent circuit, Guthrie spends most of his time writing screenplays, directing and producing his own movies, watching endless amounts of WWE and tweeting his frustrations about the current state of affairs. He’s been watching wrestling avidly since 2001. His favorite wrestlers of all-time include Zack Ryder, Alberto Del Rio, Triple H, CM Punk, Jazz, and Becky Lynch.

After defeating JC in predictions at Roadblock 2016, Guthrie earned his spot and became an official member of the Jobber Knocker team. He is happy to bring his announcing talents to the podcast by introducing Mr. Nestlemania and JC every week.