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Impact 9/22: #Heath4Impact

TJP vs Chris Bey vs Trey Miguel We have a three-way between TJP, Chris Bey, & Trey Miguel. The winner gets a title shot following the match & Rohit Raju is ringside.Chris Bey is the definition of swag. The look is a mix of Kofi and pope.*Interesting commentary note*“Trey Miguel was once in the world… Continue reading Impact 9/22: #Heath4Impact

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Impact Review 9/1/20: New World Champ

By: Dom Federico RVD vs Sami Callihan Sami pearl harbors RVD while he is sidetracked by Katie Forbes grinding him as if he’s in the back room of the golden banana. RVD’s infatuation with Forbes continues to be an Issue and Sami takes full advantage.  RVD doesn’t seem as invested this week, but it’s masked… Continue reading Impact Review 9/1/20: New World Champ

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JC’s WrestleMania 36 Power Rankings 2020

JC's SUPAH HAWT FIYAH Power Rankings return in a special WrestleMania edition! As matches are added, the rankings will be updated! Shifting in the rankings could change after each RAW and SmackDown, so make sure to keep coming back!

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NWA PowerrrBomb – Episode 20 “Stand & Defend”

By: Paul Luchadoriano Hello folks, and welcome to another edition of NWA PowerrrBomb with yours truly, the Sultan of Spaghetti Sauce, Paul Luchadoriano! The National Wrestling Alliance returns once again to give us some exciting action and entertaining wrestlers as we dive into the action at GBP Studios, where people strut their way down the… Continue reading NWA PowerrrBomb – Episode 20 “Stand & Defend”

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JC’s Betting Guide to the 2020 Royal Rumble

The Royal Rumble is this Sunday and I don't know about you, but this is my favorite wrestling event of the year. The excitement in the build up to who could win and which surprise entrants could show up is unmatched the rest of the year. What can make it even more exciting? Gambling! As it slowly gets legalized here in the United States, betting is gaining more and more momentum. Usually it is hard to find books giving out odds this early in the week, but not this year! So here is my betting guide for the 2020 Royal Rumble!

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Monday Night JC vs Friday Night Nestle Draft Results

On the tail end of the most recent Jobber Knocker Podcast Mr. NestleMania and JC decided to draft their own versions of RAW and SmackDown Live for your listening pleasure. Here are the results and a list of a few names who went undrafted. Monday Night JC 1."The Fiend" Bray Wyatt 4. Roman Reigns 5.… Continue reading Monday Night JC vs Friday Night Nestle Draft Results

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JC: Making A Case For Who Should Be The First Ever Women’s Tag Team Champions

Elimination Chamber is fast approaching and that means so is the introduction of the Women's Tag Team Championships.

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JC’S Monthly Top 20 Power Rankings (April 2018)

WrestleMania and the Superstar Shake-up have come and gone and we forge our way into Spring. Brock Lesnar is once again eligible for these rankings since he showed up and defended his Universal Championship. Let’s see where he ranks against your favorite superstars! Brock Lesnar (Last Month – Not Ranked) Uh yeah, I’m doing it.… Continue reading JC’S Monthly Top 20 Power Rankings (April 2018)

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Superstar Shake-up Preview and Predictions

With a barrage of NXT call-ups and returns, both rosters have already seen major change.