DQ: What WWE Superstars Will Have the Best 2019?

2018 brought us a lot of ups and downs in terms of superstar performances. Who will shine in 2019?

Fantasy Booking Wrestlemania 35 with DQ

Royal Rumble is the official start of Wrestlemania season and the 30-superstar rumbles will start really shaping the 8+ hour show we will see on April 7.

Five main roster superstars who would benefit from a trip to NXT

It’s been rumored for months that WWE is considering doing another Superstar Shake-up. Let me say it right now, I think it’s a terrible idea. It hasn’t happened yet, but why do we need another Shake-up?  I feel like it would be more effective for storyline if the two main brands would make trades. You’re…

Drew McIntyre is living Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey” with WWE

Throughout the history of literature and cinema, authors have used Joseph Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey” or “monomyth” as a template as they tell the story of a protagonist as he travels through a transformation. There are 17 steps in the Campbell’s original template, but it has been modified over time. As Drew McIntyre stepped into the…