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WWE Royal Rumble Predictions From the Jobber Knocker Staff

The Jobber Knocker Staff has locked in their predictions for the 2019 Royal Rumble.

PPV Predictions

WWE TLC Predictions from the Jobber Knocker Staff

Alicia Fox and Jinder Mahal vs. R-Truth and Carmella Nestlemania: R-Truth and Carmella JC: R-Truth and Carmella DQ: R-Truth and Carmella Ray Ray: R-Truth and Carmella Joe: R-Truth and Carmella Rey Mysterio vs. Randy Orton Nestlemania: Randy Orton JC: Rey Mysterio DQ: Rey Mysterio Ray Ray: Randy Orton Joe: Rey Mysterio Buddy Murphy vs. Cedric… Continue reading WWE TLC Predictions from the Jobber Knocker Staff

PPV Predictions

Official Money in the Bank predictions

See who the Jobber Knocker staff picked to win at the Money in the Bank PPV

PPV Predictions

Official Greatest Royal Rumble predictions

The Jobber Knocker staff locks in their predictions for The Greatest Royal Rumble

Jobber Knocker

Superstar Shake-up Preview and Predictions

With a barrage of NXT call-ups and returns, both rosters have already seen major change.

PPV Predictions

Official Wrestlemania 34 predictions

The "Showcase of the Immortals" is here and the Jobber Knocker crew has locked in their predictions.

JC's Power Rankings

JC’S Monthly Top 20 Power Rankings (December 2017)

2017 is almost done and with 2018 on the horizon there was some moving and shaking to be done in my Monthly Top 20 Rankings. The Royal Rumble is the next big event as we enter WrestleMania season. So, let’s not waste ant more time and get into the final set of ranks for 2017!… Continue reading JC’S Monthly Top 20 Power Rankings (December 2017)