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NXT 11/27: War is Over

This weekend was beyond exciting for NXT fans. Not only was NXT Takeover: War Games another classic, but NXT also showed their dominance at Survivor Series. Let's see how this week went down. We started the show off with a celebration! The entire roster came down to celebrate while Josiah rapped and got everyone excited.… Continue reading NXT 11/27: War is Over

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NXT Review 10/9: A Trio of Outstanding Matches

After last week's edition of NXT, and the first edition of the Wednesday Night War, I think every wrestling fan around the world was geared up for more this week! Let's see how things went down on the NXT side of things this week. Lio Rush vs. Drew Gulak I like to think that NXT… Continue reading NXT Review 10/9: A Trio of Outstanding Matches

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Elimination Chamber Predictions from the Jobber Knocker Staff

The Jobber Knocker staff locks in their predictions for the WWE Elimination Chamber Pay Per View.

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The 2018 Jobber Knocker Awards

Most Underutilized Talent Nestlemania: Bray Wyatt JC: Rusev DQ: Bray Wyatt Ray Ray: Finn Balor Joe: Shinsuke Nakamura Billy: Rusev Newcomer of the Year Nestlemania: Ronda Rousey JC: Ronda Rousey DQ: Ricochet Ray Ray: Ricochet Joe: Ricochet Billy: Ronda Rousey What Could Have Been. . . Nestlemania: Bayley vs. Sasha Banks rivalry JC: Braun Strowman's… Continue reading The 2018 Jobber Knocker Awards

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Stay or Go?: Making a post-Wrestlemania case for top NXT talent

This time of the year we always see some of the rising stars of NXT brought up to the main rosters of Raw and Smackdown.