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NXT Takeover: Toronto Predictions From The Jobber Knocker Staff

The Jobber Knocker staff has locked in their predictions for NXT Takeover: Toronto

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NXT Review 7/31: Fashion Police Reunion Kicks Show Off In Style

After last week's episode, we got announcements for some great matches, so this week's edition of the Black and Gold brand in WWE was extremely anticipated.

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NXT Review 7/3: Breakout Tournament Continues To Show Bright Future

Wednesday’s are for Wrestling! And now it is time for the top brand in WWE, the black and yellow brand of NXT!

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NXT Review 5/29: Undisputed Foreshadowing Of Takeover: XXV?

The Undisputed Era stood victorious at the end of NXT. Will it be the same at Takeover: XXV?

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NXT Review 5/15: Spotlight Continues To Be On The Tag Team Division

Wednesday nights continue to be the best day of WWE television, and this week was no different!

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NXT Review 5/8: Hair-raising Start And Strong Finish

Ladies and gentlemen it is time for the Black and Gold brand, AKA the best brand in WWE.  Mia Yim vs. Bianca Belair Started off as an even matchup, even the crowd was mixed as we started with a dueling Mia/EST chant.  These ladies matched wits and strengths at the start, however when Yim went… Continue reading NXT Review 5/8: Hair-raising Start And Strong Finish