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NXT UK 12/19/19 Results

This week's episode started with Amir Jordan and Kenny Williams vs Pretty Deadly. Jordan doesn't waste any time to try to get Williams to dance with him but he doesn't budge. For Jordan to be out injured so long, there wasn't any ring rust to be seen here. He was smooth with everything he did.… Continue reading NXT UK 12/19/19 Results

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NXT UK 10/24: An Awesome Match To End The Night

While Seven was doing his trademark slow roll into the ring, Dar would deliver a cheap shot and this match did not let up from there.

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NXT UK Review 10/17: Were New Tag Team Champions Crowned?

Our main event was next with Gallus vs Andrews and Webster for the NXT UK tag team championships.

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NXT UK 9/25/29 Results: Letdown Main Event

This week's episode started with Oliver Carter vs Ligero. This match was alright. Not really any stand out moment here. Ligero would get the win after delivering his C4L DDT. This leaves Carter 0-2 since debuting on NXT UK and having promos to hype both matches. After this we see Walter showing up at the… Continue reading NXT UK 9/25/29 Results: Letdown Main Event

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NXT UK Review 9/11: Who Will Step Up to Imperium?

WALTER says nobody is left to step up and that we are in the Era of Imperium.

Cruiserweight Report

Joestopper’s Cruiserweight Report 9/10: The Path To The Clash!

I’ve said before that 205 Live is in need of a secondary title, and tag belts would be the best way to utilize everyone on the roster.

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NXT UK Review 9/4: Surprise Opponent For Kassius Ohno

Jack Gallagher is not medically cleared to fight Kassius Ohno in the main event.