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NXT 11/20: WWE All-Star Game

Welcome to the go home episode of NXT before, well, Takeover WarGames AND Survivor Series. It has been an interesting run, and the NXT crew has been very busy leading up to these big shows, lets see how it went down. We kicked off the show with Becky Lynch making her return to Full Sail… Continue reading NXT 11/20: WWE All-Star Game

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NXT 11/13 Review: Climbing the Ladder to War Games

Things have been heating up in the WWE Universe. NXT has been sitting at the top in the feud for brand supremacy leading up to Survivor Series. Let's see how this week's episode helped lead us towards that and War Games. Angel Garza vs. Lio Rush On paper, this match was going to be a… Continue reading NXT 11/13 Review: Climbing the Ladder to War Games

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NXT 11/6: Retaliation

What a crazy week in the world of wrestling. In the last wee, our boys from the Black and Gold brand invaded not just Smackdown, but Raw as well. They put on outstanding matches on the big stage, and showed the world that NXT is no longer a developmental brand, but that they can hang… Continue reading NXT 11/6: Retaliation

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NXT 10/30: Ladies Night

We are one week removed from probably one of the coolest, most shocking moments we have seen in wrestling in a long time. With so many questions, this might be one of the most anticipated NXT episodes in a long time. Well it is finally here, and this is how it went down! Io Shirai… Continue reading NXT 10/30: Ladies Night

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NXT 8/14 Review: Breakout Finale

Anyone who frequently reads this knows that the Wednesday after Takeover is usually my least favorite week of NXT. However, this week will be a little different as we get to crown the winner of the NXT Breakout Tournament! The Black and Gold Brand of WWE is strong, so let's dive right in! Breezango vs.… Continue reading NXT 8/14 Review: Breakout Finale

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NXT Takeover: Toronto Predictions From The Jobber Knocker Staff

The Jobber Knocker staff has locked in their predictions for NXT Takeover: Toronto