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NXT 10/16: Limitless Expectations

I had the distinct pleasure this week of being able to attend NXT Live this week. I had a stroke of luck and won tickets from Full Sail's Twitter handle, and it just so happened to be my birthday! What a special treat, and it was one indeed! Tommaso Ciampa vs. Angel Garza Typically when… Continue reading NXT 10/16: Limitless Expectations

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NXT Review 9/25: Bask In The “Developmental” Glory

Last week was such a great start to the Live era of NXT, and this week continued that momentum as NXT marches to competition with All Elite Wrestling next week! Here is how this week went down. We started the week off with the Undisputed standing high above the Full Sail crowd, holding their titles… Continue reading NXT Review 9/25: Bask In The “Developmental” Glory

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NXT Review 9/18: Firing the First Shot LIVE

Some might call it counter programming. Some might say that WWE is starting a war. I say, Wednesday's are for Wrestling

Cruiserweight Report

Joestopper’s Cruiserweight Report 9/17: Eulogy For The 100% 100s

It was going to happen. The signs were all there to see. And yet, loving eyes so seldom notice the dying embers of a fire ignited long ago.

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JoeStopper’s Cruiserweight Report For 8/27: Shimmy, Shimmy, Ya!

“I’M BAAACK, AND BETTER THAN EVER!!!”     Greetings, loyal readers! Fresh from a well-needed vacation to northern New England, your correspondent of the CW scene is back and, well, conflicted. You see, we here at the Jobber Knocker have graced the website with our predictions for King Of The Ring. And though I love my… Continue reading JoeStopper’s Cruiserweight Report For 8/27: Shimmy, Shimmy, Ya!

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205 Live Report 8/20: Captain’s Challenge

While our boy the Joestopper is on vacation in Parts Unknown, he asked someone to fill in for him. Sadly, nobody volunteered, so TJ jumped in to try on some Purple and Orange for a week.