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NXT Review 10/2: It’s Not Developmental Anymore

Wednesday, October 2nd 2019 will go down in wrestling history. While it was originally set as the debut for All Elite Wrestling's weekly television program, NXT officially made it a Wednesday Night War. I like to say Wednesday's are for Wrestling, and that is exactly what it is! NXT, as it always does, put together… Continue reading NXT Review 10/2: It’s Not Developmental Anymore

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NXT Review 9/18: Firing the First Shot LIVE

Some might call it counter programming. Some might say that WWE is starting a war. I say, Wednesday's are for Wrestling

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NXT Review 9/11: Bright Future On Display

It was the very last week of one hour NXT! Next week we start a new chapter of the Black and Gold brand of WWE! Until then, we have last WWE Network exclusive to cover. Here's how it went down. Rhea Ripley is seen getting out of an SUV and entering Full Sail. We know… Continue reading NXT Review 9/11: Bright Future On Display

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NXT 8/14 Review: Breakout Finale

Anyone who frequently reads this knows that the Wednesday after Takeover is usually my least favorite week of NXT. However, this week will be a little different as we get to crown the winner of the NXT Breakout Tournament! The Black and Gold Brand of WWE is strong, so let's dive right in! Breezango vs.… Continue reading NXT 8/14 Review: Breakout Finale

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NXT Takeover: Toronto Predictions From The Jobber Knocker Staff

The Jobber Knocker staff has locked in their predictions for NXT Takeover: Toronto

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NXT Review 7/31: Fashion Police Reunion Kicks Show Off In Style

After last week's episode, we got announcements for some great matches, so this week's edition of the Black and Gold brand in WWE was extremely anticipated.