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WWE Super ShowDown 2020 Predictions From The Jobber Knocker Staff

The Jobber Knocker Crew has locked in their predictions for WWE Super ShowDown 2020.

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What Are The Ingredients For A Great Royal Rumble?

What makes a great Royal Rumble match? What do you need to have in order for a Rumble to have success?

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Vince McMahon Reportedly Wants More “Crazy Stories.” We Have A Few Ideas. . .

Some of the Filthy Sheets are reporting that Vince was so happy with the Lana story, that they want more ridiculousness. If that's the case, Vince, we have a few ideas for you over here at the Jobber Knocker.

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The 2019 Jobber Knocker Awards

The votes have been counted. And the winners are. . .

PPV Predictions

WWE TLC Predictions from the Jobber Knocker Staff

Alicia Fox and Jinder Mahal vs. R-Truth and Carmella Nestlemania: R-Truth and Carmella JC: R-Truth and Carmella DQ: R-Truth and Carmella Ray Ray: R-Truth and Carmella Joe: R-Truth and Carmella Rey Mysterio vs. Randy Orton Nestlemania: Randy Orton JC: Rey Mysterio DQ: Rey Mysterio Ray Ray: Randy Orton Joe: Rey Mysterio Buddy Murphy vs. Cedric… Continue reading WWE TLC Predictions from the Jobber Knocker Staff