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Mass State Memories V: Royal Rumble 2003

By @RayRayoftheJK Ladies and gentlemen, it is 2003 and the road to WrestleMania goes through Boston. The 2003 Royal Rumble takes place in the Fleetcenter and your boy was there LIVE and in person! This event was a memorable one for me because we got some of the best tickets I have ever had at… Continue reading Mass State Memories V: Royal Rumble 2003

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WWE Royal Rumble Predictions From The Jobber Knocker Staff

The Jobber Knocker staff has locked in their predictions for WWE Royal Rumble 2020.

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JC’s Betting Guide to the 2020 Royal Rumble

The Royal Rumble is this Sunday and I don't know about you, but this is my favorite wrestling event of the year. The excitement in the build up to who could win and which surprise entrants could show up is unmatched the rest of the year. What can make it even more exciting? Gambling! As it slowly gets legalized here in the United States, betting is gaining more and more momentum. Usually it is hard to find books giving out odds this early in the week, but not this year! So here is my betting guide for the 2020 Royal Rumble!

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Billy: Cain Velasquez Eliminating Brock Lesnar, Winning Royal Rumble Would Be An Insult To Everyone

In WWE's twisted logic, putting Cain Velasquez in the match with Brock Lesnar and have him win it will make those erratic wrestling viewers rock hard for Wrestlemania.

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What Are The Ingredients For A Great Royal Rumble?

What makes a great Royal Rumble match? What do you need to have in order for a Rumble to have success?

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GALLERY: History of Royal Rumble Winners Pointing at the Wrestlemania Sign

In honor of the big event on Sunday, we wanted to take a look at the history of Royal Rumble winners pointing at the sign.

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LISTEN: Nestlemania and JC’s 30 Hopes for the Royal Rumble

Nestlemania and JC play their favorite game of the year: 30 Hopes for the Royal Rumble! What crazy ideas do they have this year?

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WWE Royal Rumble Predictions From the Jobber Knocker Staff

The Jobber Knocker Staff has locked in their predictions for the 2019 Royal Rumble.

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Fantasy Booking Wrestlemania 35 with DQ

Royal Rumble is the official start of Wrestlemania season and the 30-superstar rumbles will start really shaping the 8+ hour show we will see on April 7.