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Vince McMahon Reportedly Wants More "Crazy Stories." We Have A Few Ideas. . .

Some of the Filthy Sheets are reporting that Vince was so happy with the Lana story, that they want more ridiculousness. If that's the case, Vince, we have a few ideas for you over here at the Jobber Knocker.

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Survivor Series needs stakes! Otherwise, get rid of the concept!

The identity of this show is murky at best. GIVE US A REASON TO INVEST IN THIS PPV OR JUST LET IT DIE!

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NXT 11/20: WWE All-Star Game

Welcome to the go home episode of NXT before, well, Takeover WarGames AND Survivor Series. It has been an interesting run, and the NXT crew has been very busy leading up to these big shows, lets see how it went down. We kicked off the show with Becky Lynch making her return to Full Sail… Continue reading NXT 11/20: WWE All-Star Game

Jobber Knocker, PPV Predictions

WWE Survivor Series Predictions From The Jobber Knocker Staff

The Jobber Knocker staff picks are in!

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NXT 11/13 Review: Climbing the Ladder to War Games

Things have been heating up in the WWE Universe. NXT has been sitting at the top in the feud for brand supremacy leading up to Survivor Series. Let's see how this week's episode helped lead us towards that and War Games. Angel Garza vs. Lio Rush On paper, this match was going to be a… Continue reading NXT 11/13 Review: Climbing the Ladder to War Games

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Sit Back and Enjoy: Wrestling’s Greatest Week

It has been quite some time since a non-Wrestlemania week has been so exciting in Wrestling. Many people have forgotten what was like to have a week so stacked with Wrestling. Yes, we have had Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday full of WWE programming for the last few years. We also had a few strong years… Continue reading Sit Back and Enjoy: Wrestling’s Greatest Week

Cruiserweight Report, Jobber Knocker

Joestopper’s Cruiserweight Report 8/13: A Great Few Days For 100% 100s!

By all accounts, the WWE had a great last few days in The North.