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NXT UK Review 9/18: Could Sid Scala Upset Kassius Ohno in British Rounds Match?

The main event was Kassius Ohno vs Sid Scala in a British Rounds Match. To keep this as less confusing as possible, this consist of six 3-minute rounds.

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NXT UK 8/28/19: TakeOver: Cardiff On The Horizon

This week's episode started with Dragunov vs Tyson T-Bone. Throughout the match, the announcers were talking about how Dragunov is coming off his first loss and how he has increased his workout to get better. This was an OK match. Dragunov would get the win after delivering a Senton bomb from the top rope followed… Continue reading NXT UK 8/28/19: TakeOver: Cardiff On The Horizon

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NXT UK Recap 3/13: Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better

For the main event of this week's show we got the Coffey Brothers against WALTER and Pete Dunne. This was basically an 'anything you can do, I can do better' match with WALTER and Dunne.