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JoeStopper’s AEW Report 5/13: On The Road To “Double Or Nothing”! In 2005, Chris Jericho pitched an idea to Vince McMahon for a ladder match for mid-carders to earn a shot at a champion. It was an ingenious concept to break up the logjam at the upper echelon, and this became Money In The Bank. As we just celebrated the most entertaining version of MITB… Continue reading JoeStopper’s AEW Report 5/13: On The Road To “Double Or Nothing”!

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TJ’s Hot Take: How Johnny Gargano Could Be the Next Stone Cold

Anyone who listens to the Pod knows, the boys love to give me crap about my support for Johnny Gargano. Recently, we have seen a different side of Johnny Wrestling. He screwed his off and on best friend, setting up "One Final Beat," the finale of their multi-year feud. It was Gargano's promo weeks later,… Continue reading TJ’s Hot Take: How Johnny Gargano Could Be the Next Stone Cold

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Five “Unessentials” That AEW Must Sign!

  Black Wednesday hit the professional wrestling nearly as hard as the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the immense financial losses incurred by Vince McMahon's petulance, insisting that WrestleMania 36 become WarehouseMania (audiences be damned), a tidal wave of furloughs and outright releases struck the active rosters and production team. Granted, this is not the end… Continue reading Five “Unessentials” That AEW Must Sign!

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TJ’s Top Five: Wrestlemania Edition

Favorite lists are always subjective, but clearly you found this, so you care about my opinion! Wrestlemania is my favorite time of the year. Had the COVID-19 Pandemic not gone down, I would be on vacation this week. Once the Royal Rumble ends, the Road to Wrestlemania officially begins. In my house, this means we… Continue reading TJ’s Top Five: Wrestlemania Edition

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Vince McMahon Reportedly Wants More “Crazy Stories.” We Have A Few Ideas. . .

Some of the Filthy Sheets are reporting that Vince was so happy with the Lana story, that they want more ridiculousness. If that's the case, Vince, we have a few ideas for you over here at the Jobber Knocker.

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Joestopper’s Cruiserweight Report 9/17: Eulogy For The 100% 100s

It was going to happen. The signs were all there to see. And yet, loving eyes so seldom notice the dying embers of a fire ignited long ago.