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With My Wrestling Fandom Fading, Coronavirus May Have Provided The Final Dagger

I was holding out hope that being at Wrestlemania LIVE would reinvigorate my love for professional wrestling. But then it happened. . . Wrestlemania was closed to the public.

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TJ’s Hot Take: Becky Lynch Continues To Break Barriers

In the world of Wrestling, a lot of things can change from year to year. This time in 2018, Becky Lynch was almost in WWE obscurity. So much so, I can't even remember what she was doing. In 2019, she had just come off being the winner of the first female Main Event of Wrestlemania.… Continue reading TJ’s Hot Take: Becky Lynch Continues To Break Barriers

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NXT 4/8: NXT Takeover: USA

With all of the COVID-19 lockdowns across the country, it looked like NXT Takeover: Tampa was going to be fully cancelled. Lucky for us, the NXT crew still kept everything together, as it was far too much for one night anyway. Last week we got the first taste of Takeover with the North American Championship… Continue reading NXT 4/8: NXT Takeover: USA

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TJ’s Personal Thank You For Wrestlemania

Dear WWE, As a fan for all 33 years of my life, I was beyond excited for this year's Wrestlemania. As I have tweeted many times, this one was extra special. For me, it was in my back yard. For me, it meant seeing my brother for the first time in nearly two years, because… Continue reading TJ’s Personal Thank You For Wrestlemania

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Wrestlemania 36 Predictions From The Jobber Knocker Staff

The Jobber Knocker staff has locked in their predictions for the Showcase of the Immortals, Wrestlemania 36.

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NXT 4/1: NXT Takeover: Full Sail, Part 1

It feels strange, being the last NXT before Wrestlemania without leading up to a Takeover. What I won't complain about is the amazing card that NXT has given us! I will, however, complain about Sam Roberts being on commentary. If WWE wants to hire a wrestling super fan to work the mic, they can give… Continue reading NXT 4/1: NXT Takeover: Full Sail, Part 1

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TJ’s Top Five: Wrestlemania Edition

Favorite lists are always subjective, but clearly you found this, so you care about my opinion! Wrestlemania is my favorite time of the year. Had the COVID-19 Pandemic not gone down, I would be on vacation this week. Once the Royal Rumble ends, the Road to Wrestlemania officially begins. In my house, this means we… Continue reading TJ’s Top Five: Wrestlemania Edition

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The Impact of Coronavirus on Independent Wrestling

Last week's announcement of the cancelling of Wrestlemania brought me down. Sure, it was for the greater good of many, as we really didn't need 70,000 plus people in one area from all around the world. Unfortunately, my misfortune of not being able to attend the greatest spectacle in sports entertainment is minuscule in comparison… Continue reading The Impact of Coronavirus on Independent Wrestling

JC's Power Rankings

JC’s WrestleMania 36 Power Rankings 2020

JC's SUPAH HAWT FIYAH Power Rankings return in a special WrestleMania edition! As matches are added, the rankings will be updated! Shifting in the rankings could change after each RAW and SmackDown, so make sure to keep coming back!

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NXT 3/11: Live From the Performance Center

Tonight was Fan Appreciation night for NXT. The fans got a treat, and got bussed from Full Sail to the WWE Performance Center for a special event. With that, it was destined to be a special night for the Black and Gold brand, here is how it went down! Keith Lee vs. Cameron Grimes At… Continue reading NXT 3/11: Live From the Performance Center