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Jobber Knocker Vlog: All Elite Wrestling in Boston for AEW Dynamite!

Nestlemania and JC travel to Boston to see AEW Dynamite! Here are highlights from the night's festivities!

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NXT UK Review 10/10: Distractions Galore In Main Event

The main event was next with Piper Niven vs Jazzy Gabert. Jinny was constantly interfering to distract Niven.

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NXT Review 10/9: A Trio of Outstanding Matches

After last week's edition of NXT, and the first edition of the Wednesday Night War, I think every wrestling fan around the world was geared up for more this week! Let's see how things went down on the NXT side of things this week. Lio Rush vs. Drew Gulak I like to think that NXT… Continue reading NXT Review 10/9: A Trio of Outstanding Matches

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WWE Hell In A Cell Predictions From The Jobber Knocker Staff

The Jobber Knocker Staff has locked in their predictions for Hell in a Cell.

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Sit Back and Enjoy: Wrestling’s Greatest Week

It has been quite some time since a non-Wrestlemania week has been so exciting in Wrestling. Many people have forgotten what was like to have a week so stacked with Wrestling. Yes, we have had Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday full of WWE programming for the last few years. We also had a few strong years… Continue reading Sit Back and Enjoy: Wrestling’s Greatest Week

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NXT Review 9/25: Bask In The “Developmental” Glory

Last week was such a great start to the Live era of NXT, and this week continued that momentum as NXT marches to competition with All Elite Wrestling next week! Here is how this week went down. We started the week off with the Undisputed standing high above the Full Sail crowd, holding their titles… Continue reading NXT Review 9/25: Bask In The “Developmental” Glory