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NXT Recap 4/17: Undisputed Kickoff To The Reign Of Johnny Champion

The Johnny Gargano vs. Adam Cole feud is showing no sign of a conclusion.

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NXT UK Recap 4/17: A Down Week

This week's episode started off with Mark and Joe Coffey vs. Raul Mendoza and Humberto Carrillo. And I got to say, this was not the show's best outing. There didn't seem to be a lot of people in the crowd either. On top of that, the crowd wasn't that active throughout the show. The opening… Continue reading NXT UK Recap 4/17: A Down Week

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Joestopper’s Cruiserweight Report 4/16: “Thank You, Cedric!”

Cedric Alexander's speed matches up well with Oney Lorcan's Southie Strong Style.

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“The Viking Experience” Is Just Another Example That Grass Isn’t Always Green On The WWE Main Roster

DQ excitement came to a screeching halt when War Raiders were announced as "The Viking Experience."

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NXT Recap 4/10: Time for Candice To Shine

It was very refreshing to see the crowd getting behind Candice as herself, and not chanting ‘Candice Wrestling.’

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NXT UK Recap 4/10: Was There A Women’s Championship Makeover?

This week's episode started with Travis Banks vs. Kassius Ohno. Ohno controlled a lot of this match working on Bank's injured shoulder. It wasn't until the second half of the match when Banks started getting in some offense. Which is when the crowd started to get into the match. Banks got away with the win… Continue reading NXT UK Recap 4/10: Was There A Women’s Championship Makeover?

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NXT Takeover: New York Review

Wrestlemania weekend may be exhausting, but NXT Takeover: New York certainly did not disappoint.